Another Year In The Tin Can

It’s our fabulous 5 hour end of the year Tin Can wrap up show where we talk about everything from the absolutely awful to the amazingly awesome that happened in 2017. So join Saucey, Dee, Fern, Odell and 15 of our favorite guest as we say goodbye to an insane year full of Flat Earthers, Toxic Tweets, Celebrity Sex Scandals and NFL Protest. What will 2018 bring…who the fuck knows but your friends at Tin Can will be right with all the latest news, comedy, music and snarky commentary that keeps life interesting.

Show Notes:

2017 sure did have his share of ups and downs, but one thing is for sure… We ended this year in style! William Sanderson was the first to join our panel, and he shared with us the magic of Wintercon and the Blade Runner panel! As always it was a pleasure to talk to William and we did dig into a little AI technology. Will the robots take us over? Next, John S Hall crowded around the Tin Can campfire and we got to hear his new band, Sensation Play as well as discuss his poetry. We may have lost him a time or two during the call, but totally worth it! For all you Geeks out there ( like me ), the Library Bards are definitely a duo to check out!

Xander Michael Jeanneret and Bonnie Gordon also known as The Library Bards are not just amazing friends, they’re amazing people! Totally opened my eyes to a few things at cons. Cosplay is not consent! And then there is the amazing, mystical, magical, ecological, upcycling genius Steve Trash! You can feel the love and passion for the future through the airwaves! We got to dig into his new project, Trash TV, which I can’t wait to check out! Alison Klemp called in live from a Phish concert! Now that’s dedication. As one of our three guests who did so, and setting a Tin Can record for most people calling in from a concert, we talked about alt right furries. Little Nazis in big animal suits. Seriously. You know you want to learn more! Next comes Travis Harmon, and all things Red State Update! We discussed Holtzclaw‘s new album, Unicorns, which I absolutely love and you guys have to check out! We also tapped back into Nazis and white supremacists via the Roy Moore debacle and dumb stories 2017. Remember the guy who wanted to build a rocket and shoot himself into space to prove the earth was flat? I smell a Darwin award coming on. I’m just not sure if it will be for this guy or the Roy Moore campaign. What can I say about Mike Bushman? Everything nice and awesome, that’s what! It was so great to talk to him again! Mike is dedicated to Suicide Prevention and we got a chance to discuss the Michelle Carter case. She’s the one who pressured her boyfriend into committing suicide. Probably one of the saddest stories of 2017.

John Lehr! Quickdraw movie! Anthrax! Do I have your attention yet? We talked about all of this plus John’s new podcast, John stands up, and Nick inquires about a possible taint stabbing. The lovely B Squid called in from the road and what an amazing conversation! She debuted her new song, Eggshells, live! Powerful music, powerful lyrics, and a powerful message. 2017 was definitely the year for women’s empowerment and what a strong beautiful voice Alyson is! 2017 had it’s good and it’s bad, but we can all agree that parts were horrific. But that’s where Joe Castro lives! Deeply embedded in the world of horror special effects, Joe came on and talked about some of his cool projects like Nations Fire and Exorcism at 6000 feet. He also shared some of his inspirations and the importance of finding art within all of us. As we were letting him go, the coolest thing happened! Our next guest, Debra Lamb, gave a shout-out to Joe! Such a down-to-earth and easy going horror icon, Debra got us up-to-date on where she has been and gave us a little insight into her new project, “There’s No Such Thing As Zombies”. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks fantastic! DeLorean! Yes, I said DeLorean! Wow! What a ride! I can’t think of any better way to wrap up 2017 than with all of these amazing people and my amazing friends and partners Nick, Dee, and Odell. We hope you enjoyed the ride, and we always have a seat saved for you! Let’s roll into 2018 together! Thank you all! -Fern


*Production Note: Jenny Jaffe, Angela Gulner and Yuri Baranovsky had last minute scheduling issues and could not call into this episode as scheduled. 

    • songmanrob
    • December 30, 2017

    Wish I could have been there for this. So much to say…

    • Hey Rob, you’re part of the network so anytime you want to call in especially for a longer show like this one, you have the number, just give me a heads up before hand so I can work you into the format. -Saucey

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