We Got A Thing We Call Mormo Love

It’s a very special Morbid Valentines Day podcast with our pal, The Magical Gentlemen From The Dark Side- Mormo Zine.

This episode Saucey, Dee and Mormo talk about sex, love and friendship and all about Mormo’s new Valentines Day Special.

So grab your best gal and a box of chocolates and kick back with Tin Can Media this Monday at 2PM.

Show Notes:

I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since the last time we spoke with the sinister spokesperson of the macabre- Mormo Zine, but hey I guess time flies when you live in an ALT-Fact country full of insane assholes. But I digress.

This short but intense episode (remember it’s not the size of the podcast but how you use it) we learn to live a little, laugh a little and love a little as we talk romance with Mormo. We will also talk about Mormo’s new move “Mormo’s Valentine’s Day” and we skewed of a little into the political realm, but honestly how could we even avoid it.

The video was a little too hardcore for us to post here in the archive, but if your overwhelming sick curiosity gets the better of you click HERE to watch “Mormo’s Valentine’s Day” movie. *Disclaimer: Mormo’s movie much like his mind contains disturbing images, click at your own peril.