Up And Running: A Tin Can Story

So here we are after months of blood, sweat and tears, ups and downs, rights and lefts and everything in between (run on sentence much?) we have officially launched Tin Can Media. Will this be a beautiful failure or a soul crushing triumph? Sometimes it seems like those are the only two options, or a “Binary Choice” to use a phrase the mainstream media seem to be so fond of ramming down our throats lately. 

While pursuing this endeavor we have been called everything from savvy to foolish, and maybe because most of life happens in the gray, perhaps we are a little bit of both. Nevertheless, no matter how this all pans out I feel privileged to take this journey with my closest friends, aka my podcast family; Dee, Fern, Badger and Odell.

We have lots and lots of amazing stuff planed, some will hit its’ intended mark and some will crash harder than Macaulay Culkin after a 3 week Xanax bender.

All that being said, with 4 great long lasting podcast in our corner, 5 new podcasters on board, new blogs and vlogs all coming from very different and very unique perspectives, and most importantly our Tin Can Media fans, I see nothing but sunny days a head. So take a break from the bleak toxic world of politics, protest and online trolls and put on your happy pants and watch this! -Sincerely, your pals at The Tin Can Collective.