Raychelle Keeling & Before They Were Stars Trivia

Saucey battles Cosplay Bad-Ass Raychelle Keeling, Pika-Boo in “Before They Were Famous” Trivia.

Who will end up seeing their name in lights and who will never make it out of the B-Movies?


Where did Madonna work when she first came to New York City?

Virgin Records


Dunkin’ Donuts

Loew’s Theatre


  1. Which artist got her start as a ‘Fly Girl’ on the sketch comedy, ‘In Living Color’?

Paula Abdul

Deborah Cox


Jennifer Lopez


  1. What cereal was Tori Amos the spokesmodel for?

Special K


Just Right

Froot Loops


  1. Which singer made her film debut in a film with Whoopi Goldberg?

Lauryn Hill

Blu Cantrell

Fiona Apple

Jessica Simpson


  1. Which country songstress started her career out as a secretary at a record label when she first moved to Nashville?

Shania Twain

Faith Hill

Reba McEntire

Trisha Yearwood


  1. Which Spice Girl almost didn’t make the group because she was late to her audition and was only allowed to audition after convincing the producers of the group to give her a second chance?

Melanie Brown

Melanie Chisholm

Emma Bunton

Geri Halliwell


  1. Which artist did NOT start out on ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’?

Britney Spears

Mandy Moore

Justin Timberlake

Christina Aguilera


  1. Which rocker tried out for a part in the movie, ‘Sid and Nancy’ before going on to rock stardom?

Courtney Love

Liz Phair

Bonnie Raitt

Gwen Stefani


  1. Which singer was a back-up singer for Michael Jackson before going solo?

Foxy Brown

Toni Braxton

Sheryl Crow

Crystal Waters


  1. Before becoming a huge singing sensation, who did a ‘Las Vegas style lounge act’ in Canada?

Celine Dion

Shania Twain

Lara Fabian

Shirley Manson


  1. Which artist named her daughter after her first movie, which was a huge flop?


Tina Turner




  1. Which of these artists did NOT appear on ‘Star Search’ before becoming famous?

Justin Timberlake


Leann Rimes



  1. Which internationally known singer started out as a pop star in her native country and even won the equivalent of a Grammy for ‘Most Promising Young Star’ for her first self-titled album?

Alanis Morissette

Nelly Furtado

Shania Twain

Celine Dion


  1. Which lead singer of an internationally famous group of the early 1990’s joined the group as a back-up singer before replacing the first lead singer who had committed suicide?

Allison Krauss

Shirley Manson

Gwen Stefani

Courtney Love



  1. Before changing her name to ‘Pink’, she was known as _____


Alecia Moore

Alyson Maines

Ashleigh Myers

A’isha Monroe



LIGHTNING ROUND: Famous or Not Famous. I’ll tell you the name of a celebrity, you tell me if they are (CURRENTLY) married to a celebrity or a non-celebrity.


Matt Damon: NOT FAMOUS (He was filming Stuck on You & She was a bartender…3 kids later…)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt(NOT FAMOUS) and Tasha McCauley — Married since 2014

Aaron Paul: NOT FAMOUS (Lauren Parsekian — Married since 2013 (She heads a nonprofit against bullying)

William H Macy (FAMOUS): Felicity Huffman of Desperate Housewives

Scarlett Johansson (NOT) and Romain Dauriac — Married since 2014

Julianna Margulies: NOT FAMOUS (and Keith Lieberthal — Married since 2007)

Jeff Bridges (NOT FAMOUS) and Susan Geston — Married since 1977

Eddie Redmayne (Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them): NOT FAMOUS (and Hannah Bagshawe — Married since 2014)

Tobey Maguire (NOT FAMOUS) and Jennifer Meyer — Married since 2007

Chris Pratt: FAMOUS! Super funny actress Anna Faris!

Vince Vaughn (NOT FAMOUS) and Kyla Weber — Married since 2010

Lisa Bonet (FAMOUS): Jason Momoa, Game of Thrones

Film composer Danny Elfman (FAMOUS): Bridget Fonda!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (NOT FAMOUS) and Tasha McCauley — Married since 2014

Sacha Baron Cohen (FAMOUS) Isla Fisher

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family): NOT FAMOUS and Justin Mikita — Married since 2013

Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy): NOT FAMOUS and Aryn Drake-Lee — Married since 2012

Jon Bon Jovi (NOT FAMOUS) and Dorothea Hurley — Married since 1989


Claire Danes (FAMOUS): Hugh Dancy best known for Hulu’s The Path and TV’s Hannibal

George and Amal Clooney  (NOT FAMOUS)— Married since 2014





  1. When he was a boy, Mr Masculinity himself, Robert De Niro, had a rather pale skin. What dairy name was he promptly given by his class mates?

Milk Girl


Bobby Milk




  1. This isn’t a bit funny, but I’m sorry to say I laughed anyway. Actor Lee Marvin served in the Second World War and was awarded a Purple Heart for his pains. Where was he shot?

In his acting voice

In his right leg

In his left arm

In his buttocks


  1. Ah, the magnificent Clark Gable, Rhett Butler himself, the true man’s man and ladies delight. What peculiar event heralded his birth in 1901?

Haley’s Comet unexpectedly returned

Man landed on the moon

Jack the Ripper confessed

He was listed as a female on his birth certificate


  1. Joan Crawford was born Lucille Fay LeSueur, but on commencing her film career, was advised to change it. What grounds did they give for this request?

They were very racist in those days

They said LeSueur sounded like Le Sewer

Her name didn’t fit across the screen

They were superstitious about using the letter U


  1. From the age of seven, George Burns was your typical little street waif who tried his hand at anything to earn a little money to help feed the large fatherless family of which he was a part. What was one of these jobs?

Performing with a trained seal

Dental mechanic

Rocket scientist

Cloning sheep


One of this famous British woman’s first acting roles was playing a sperm on roller skates. Can you name her?

Cyndi Lauper

Doris Day

Victoria Beckham



  1. The lovely Whoopi Goldberg went from one dead end job to another until she finally found her true niche in the world of entertainment. Can you select one of her first jobs from the following choices?

Morgue beautician

Manufacturing false teeth

Sharpening combs

Shearing llamas


  1. You’ll do a double take with this. One of Bob Hope’s first acts when he began work as an entertainer was what?

A Siamese twin

Poster painter

Wardrobe mistress

Fire eater


  1. This actor, producer and musician never found his roles on the cutting room floor. He swapped his sword for a writing implement in his early days, when he sold ballpoint pens over the phone for a living. Can you name him?

Johnny Depp

Orlando Bloom

Geoffrey Rush

George Burns


  1. This American singer, producer, actor and philanthropist didn’t make bonbons in his early career. He made Christmas decorations for a living instead. Who is he?

Jon Bon Jovi

Elton John

Rod Stewart

John Lennon


  1. Dick Tracy would have loved this actor’s early work in the entertainment business, when he was hired as a rodent catcher to rid a theatre of “da doirty rats”. Who is this celebrity?

Steve Martin

Tom Hanks

John Candy

Warren Beatty


  1. Sylvester Stallone really got into the ring with one of his first jobs. What was it?

Jewellery designer



Lion cage cleaner


  1. An early role for this actor was as a cowboy hitchhiker in the 1991 film “Thelma and Louise” in which he takes off with Louise’s life savings, but he’s gone from strength to strength since then. One of his first means of earning an income, however, was dressing as a chicken and handing out flyers for a nearby restaurant. Who is he?

Elliott Gould

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Matt Damon


  1. This British singer, songwriter and occasional actor worked as a porter in a psychiatric institution in his younger days. Some would say he still belongs there, but as an inmate. Noted for his rubbery lips, who is he?

Keith Richards

Mick Jagger

Charlie Watts

Ronnie Wood