Fern Hart And Celebrity Tribute Trivia

This week we say a fond fuck you to 2016 and pay tribute to so many amazing and talented souls we have lost this year, as Saucey takes on his always level-headed co-host Fern Hart in Celebrity Tribute Trivia.



Carrie Fisher :

Paul Simon once wrote a song about Carrie Fisher. Which one was it?

Me and Julio down by the schoolyard.

Hearts and Bones.

You can call me Al.

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes


Who did Carrie Fisher play in “When Harry Met Sally”?

Deborah, the pregnant sister-in-law,

Marie, the well-meaning, rolodex-weilding best friend,

Andrea, Sally’s friend that helps her move to NYC,

Janet, Harry’s older sister.




Forence Henderson


n 1962, Florence Henderson became the first woman to guest host what TV talk show?

  1. The Merv Griffin Show
  2. The Joey Bishop Show
  3. The Mike Douglas Show
  4. D. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson


From 1976 to 1996, Florence Henderson was a spokesperson from what brand of cooking oil?

  1. Crisco
  2. B. Wesson
  3. Gold Medal
  4. Colavita


Florence Henderson appears in what “Weird Al” Yankovic video?

  1. White & Nerdy
  2. Eat It
  3. Amish Paradise
  4. Canadian Idiot




George Michael


What is the real name of George Michael?

Georg Ivanovic Mironov

Michael Samuel Brown

 Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou

George Austin Moss


George Michael wrote his first song at the age of 17. What is the name of this song?


I Love You

I Want Your Sex

Careless Whisper


His second album was called “Listen Without Prejudice”. What is interesting about it?

 It was stated that this album was “Vol.1”, but “Vol. 2” was never released.

The album with the same name was released in 1980 by “Metallica”.

None of the songs in this album are actually sung by George Michael.

It was the first album ever to be released in CD format.




Zsa Zsa Gabor


She was ordered in 1993 to pay which actress 2 million dollars?

Brett Somers

Francesca Hilton

Elke Sommer (Supposedly for false accusations)

Winona Ryder


In 1936, she was Miss Hungary. Why was her title revoked?

She had a run-in with the law

She was underage

She was too short

She was involved in an illegal relationship


Zsa Zsa Gabor played the opulent villainess Minerva in the 60s series “Batman”. What color was the wardrobe?



Silver She loved playing the villain and wearing the costumes!




Garry Shandling


. In what subject did Garry complete his college education?

  1. Mathmatics
  2. Drama
  3. History
  4. Marketing


Garry sold his first script to what TV show?

  1. The Partridge Family
  2. Welcome Back Kotter
  3. The Jeffersons
  4. Sanford and Son


Where did Garry perform his first stand up routine?

  1. The Comedy Store
  2. The Laff Factory
  3. Grins and Giggles
  4. Funny People



LIGHTNING ROUND: The covers- these musicians covered other musicians’ songs. Guess who? George Michael, David Bowie, Prince


Roxanne: GEORGE

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me: GEORGE

Creep (Radiohead): PRINCE

Let’s Spend the Night Together (Rolling Stones): DAVID

Lady Marmalade: GEORGE


What Have You Done For Me Lately: PRINCE

See Emily Play (Pink Floyd): DAVID

Play That Funky Music: PRINCE

Papa Was a Rolling Stone: GEORGE

Somebody to Love: GEORGE

Johnny B. Goode: PRINCE

Jungle Love: PRINCE

Superstition (Stevie Wonder): GEORGE

What a Wonderful World: PRINCE


Jive Talkin’ : GEORGE (originally by the BeeGees)

Tonight (Iggy Pop): DAVID

Whole Lotta Love (Zeppelin): PRINCE

Dancin in the Street: DAVID

Love Me Do (Beatles): DAVID

Get Back (Beatles): GEORGE

Desperado: GEORGE

What A Fool Believes (originally Kenny Loggins): GEORGE

Ain’t No Sunshine: DAVID

Every Breath You Take: GEORGE

Day Tripper (Beatles): DAVID

Where Have All the Good Times Gone (The Kinks): DAVID

I Can’t Make You Love Me: GEORGE





Gene Wilder


What was Gene Wilder’s real name? He said he picked Gene Wilder b/c he couldn’t image a Jerome Silberman playing Hamlet. Though he also admitted he couldn’t imagine a Gene Wilder playing Hamlet either!

  1. Mikel Leibowitz
  2. Eugene Walski
  3. Andrew Wiseman
  4. D. Jerome Silberman


Why did Gene Wilder say he went into comedic acting?

  1. He was recruited by Mel Brooks
  2. To cheer up his mother (she had heart disease)
  3. His idol was Charlie Chaplin
  4. To impress a girl


In Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, what was so special about the Chocolate River?

  1. It was really made of chocolate (and water and cream!)
  2. It was water and they colored it later
  3. It was air and they added it to the film afterwards
  4. It wasn’t even in the book


David Bowie


What was the name of theme tune David Bowie wrote to the 1986 film “Labyrinth”?

“Art Decade”

“That’s Motivation”


“I’m Deranged” (In total, Bowie wrote five songs for “Labyrinth”, which he also starred in. The songs were “Underground” (the theme tune), “Magic Dance”, “Chilly Down”, “As The World Falls Down” and “Within You”. Bowie performed on all songs except “Chilly Down”.)


Labyrinth wasn’t the only movie Bowie was in, In which of the following movies did David Bowie appear?

  1. Goldfinger
  2. Dune
  3. C. The Last Temptation Of Christ
  4. Aliens


Who has the same birthday as David Bowie?

  1. Rod Stewart
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. Linda Ronstadt
  4. John Denver



Patty Duke





David Margulies (NYPD Blue, Law and Order, The Sopranos)

Harper Lee (To Kill A Mockingbird)

Alan Rickman

Antonin Scalia

Dan Haggerty (grizzly adams)

Arnold Palmer

Glenn Frey (the Eagles)

Janet Reno

Abe Vigoda

Nancy Reagan

Joe Alaskey (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety & Sylvester)

Alan Thicke

Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Garry Marshall (Happy Days creator)

Muhammad Ali

John Glenn


Doris Roberts (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Ron Glass (Barney Miller)

Kenny Baker (R2-D2)

Leonard Cohen (Halleluiah)

Merle Haggard

Antonin Yelchin (Chekov in the reboot Star Trek)