Jim Bruce & The Simpsons Trivia



Join us this week as comedian Jim Bruce takes on Saucey in The Simpsons Trivia! Who knows exactly where Springfield is and who loses their fiddly faddly sobriety?



Wanna play along? Of course you do! Print out the questions and see if you can beat tonight’s winner!

What aspect of the show’s opening sequence NEVER changes?
 Bart writing on the school chalkboard.
 Maggie’s actions in the checkout line.
 Lisa’s saxophone solos.
 The family’s entrance into the living room.
What does Lisa’s valentine to Ralph say?
 “I choo choo choose you.”
 “Will you bee mine?”
 “I’m krazy 4 U.”
 “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Who replaced Sideshow Bob?
 Sideshow Billy.
 Sideshow Mel.
 Slick Willy.
 Fallout Boy.
Who does Marge go to her senior prom with?
 Homer Simpson.
 Artie Ziff.
 Barry Schultz.
 Llywellen Sinclair.
Why doesn’t the “Simpson gene” affect Lisa?
 Homer’s not her real father.
 There is no such thing.
 It’s only on the Y chromosome.
 It disappears when you master a musical instrument.
What color is Maggie’s pacifier?
Which of these products didn’t Homer buy when he went shopping for illegal fireworks?
A porno
A bottle of vodka (it was wine)
Disposable enema
Large box of condoms
What famous musician helped stop Whacking Day?
Barry White
James Brown
Tom Jones
Micheal Jackson
When Bart and Lisa wrote an Itchy & Scratchy cartoon, who’s name did they put on it?
Characters from what other FOX shows appeared at one of Bart’s football games?
King of the Hill
Family Guy
All of the Above
When Side Show Luke Perry was shot out of a cannon, where did he finally land?
Fireworks factory
Broken Glass Recycling Factory
Pillow Factory (That was being demolished)
Acid Storage Facility
What is the name of Ned Flanders’ store?
The Leftorium
South Paws
When the IRS took over Krusty Burger, what did they rename it?
Tax Burger
IRS Burger
Burger IRS
Value Burger
Who played Fallout Boy in the Radioactive Man movie?
What is Comic Book Guy’s real name?
Al Wilkerson
Jeff Albertson
Tom Jefferson
Al Jefferson
Who ran over Snowball 1?
Clovis Quimby (The mayor’s drunken brother)
Diamond Joe Quimby
Clancy Quimby
Freddie Quimby
What song is bleeding gums murphy playing when he and lisa first meet?
The Achy breaky blues
The I never had an Italian suit blues
The bleeding gums blues
The faberge egg blues
What was homer most excited by when he first met George Harrison?
He thought he was Paul McCartney
That he was a Beatle
That he’s just won a grammy
The brownie George was eating
What is the name of Chief Wiggum’s wife?
They never say
What beer gets Homer so drunk he thinks he sees an alien?
Duff beer
Red Tick Beer
Purple People Eater Beer
Fudd Beer
Which celebrity lent their voice to the Simpsons, but was credited under the pseudonym “Sam Etic” in lieu of using their real name?
Danny Devito
Dustin Hoffman
Michael Jackson
Albert Brooks
What is the proper name of the Guatemalan Insanity Peppers used by chief Wiggum to beat homer at the chili cookoff?
The Merciless Peppers of Qwets ala cot enango
The unknown peppers of Cots uma la guapa
The fearsome Peppers of Qwetz a coat-l
The evil peppers of Cheem al ten on-go
Which entertainer does Mr Burns kidnap in an attempt to woo Marge Simpson?
Tom Jones
Neil Diamond
Harry Connick Jr
Paul McCartney
Which legendary celebrity lent her voice for Maggie’s first word?
Elizabeth Taylor
Bette Midler
Meryl Streep
Linda Ronstadt
What is the name of the dog Barney urges homer to bet on in the very first episode- “Simpsons roasting on an open fire”?
Santos L Halper
Santa’s Little Helper
Who is the only person to come to the phone an ruin Bart’s prank call to Moe’s tavern?
IC Weiner
IP Freely
Jacques Strap
Tonight’s lightning round: HOMER or PETER!
For each factiod, our contestants had to guess if we were referring to Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin
Has been known to fart on his child’s face. PETER
First met his wife at summer camp. HOMER
Put his wife in the trunk. PETER
Named after the creator’s father. HOMER (groening)
Worships the band, KISS. PETER
Borrows things and never gives them back. HOMER
Is obsessed with eating. HOMER
Official spokesperson of laundry detergent. HOMER
Did not like The Godfather. PETER
Catholic PETER
His middle name is Löwenbräu PETER
Grew up on a farm. HOMER
Once swapped bodies with his wife. PETER
Has a crayon lodged in his frontal lobe. HOMER
Had an illegitamate son (bertram) PETER
What does the Bigfoot diet consist of?
*Porkchops** aplenty!
Nuts and berries
> What is the name of Homer’s bowling team?
Bowlin’ buddies
Strikes All around
Rollin’ stones
3> Lisa does a science project to see who is smarter, Bart or a ….
4> How does Homer like his chicken?
Extra Gravy
extra potatoes
extra cheese
5> What is Bart’s favorite gum?
Juicy Fruit
Bazooka Joe
6> What is Bart’s specialty drink?
shirley temple
whiskey sour
7> When Bart dies what does he want to come back as?
a snake
a dog
a jaguar
8> What did Milhouse trade Bart’s soul for?
slap bracelets
a pet rock
mystery date game
9> What was the name of Lisa’s pet hamster?
mr fuzzy
10> What’s the school snake’s name?