Dwayne Jackson & 70’s and 80’s Crime Drama Trivia




This week we break the laws of consumption as Saucey battles comedian Dwayne Jackson in 70’s and 80’s Crime Drama Trivia. Who will get away with murder and who will end up doing 25 to life? Tune in this Friday for all the Clean Getaways we can

Who will get away with murder and who will end up doing 25 to life? Tune in this Friday for all the Clean Getaways we can

Tune in this Friday for all the Clean Getaways we can High-Speed Pursuit into your Justice Evading EarHoles.



Which Medical Crime Drama that debuted in 1976 featured a lead character that was a retired Captain in the US Navy?


Prime Suspect

Foyle’s War

Quincy M.E.

  1. Which television detective drove a Peugeot 403 Cabriolet and frequently had his basset hound accompany him?



Barnaby Jones

Hec Ramsey

  1. Which show featured a portly former Los Angeles detective as a private detective who frequently used karate chops and judo moves to subdue suspects?

Michael Shayne




  1. Who starred in the lead role in “O’Hara, U.S. Treasury” for one season in 1971 and went on to have the title role in “Harry O” in 1973?

Lorne Greene

Martin Milner

David Janssen

Robert Wagner

  1. Which actor played Kojak’s assistant Det. Bobby Crocker on the 1973-1978 Crime Drama “Kojak”?

Kevin Dobson

Dan Frazer

George Savalas

Mark Russell

  1. Dennis Weaver played Marshal Sam McCloud, a marshal on special assignment in New York City from 1970 to 1977. In which state was McCloud a marshal before transferring?

New Mexico




  1. Which 1976 series starred Robert Stack as Captain Linc Evers of the LAPD and Hari Rhodes as fictional Los Angeles Mayor Dan Stoddard?



T.J. Hooker

Most Wanted

  1. “Baretta” premiered in 1975 and featured Robert Blake as Detective Anthony Vincenzo “Tony” Baretta with his Cockatoo named Fred. What was the name of the pimp that was his favorite informer on the show?




Huggy Bear

Question 1:

In this show set in New York City, the main character was Greek and used to suck on lollipops.    No hint available for this question
Barnaby Jones 
Hill Street Blues



Question 2:

In this cop show, set in the ghetto area of a large unnamed Eastern city, the first in command was Capt. Frank Furillo.    No hint available for this question
21 Jump Street 
***Hill Street Blues 
The Mod Squad 
The Streets Of San Francisco



Question 3:

This show was about 4 youthful officers who were part of a special unit of the Los Angeles Police Department and fought crimes in schools. The main character was Officer Tom Hanson.    No hint available for this question
Magnum P.I 
***21 Jump Street 
Kids Can Be Cops Too



Question 4:

What is the name of the cop show which featured two police officers who rode motorcycles on the highways of California?    
Chopper One 



Question 5:

In this police drama, set in the Bay area, the main character Lt. Mike Stone had a young partner named Steve Keller.    No hint available for this question
Mike Hammer 
The Rockford Files 
***The Streets of San Francisco



Question 7:

This 80’s show was centered around a detective named Sonny Crockett, who lived on a sailboat and always wore white clothing. His partner’s name was Ricardo Tubbs.    No hint available for this question
Simon And Simon 
***Miami Vice 
Hill Street Blues 
Hardcastle and McCormack



Question 8:

This 80’s Emmy Award-winning show focused on two female detectives who were best friends. One of the girls was married to a man named Harvey.    No hint available for this question
Girl Power 
Girls Can Be Cops Too! 
It Takes Two 
***Cagney & Lacey




Question 9:

This 70’s classic cop show featured a detective, who drove around the Los Angeles area in his shiny Lincoln Continental. He was a bald, middle-aged, portly fellow who rarely ever fired a shot from his gun. Even though he was out of shape, he always found a way to beat up his adversaries and get the job done.    No hint available for this question
The Rockford Files 
Barnaby Jones


George Peppard, who is probably best known for his role as Col. John “Hannibal” Smith in the 1980s show The A-Team, also starred on this 70’s detective show.    No hint available for this question
Rockford files 


Book ’em, Danno!” was the catch phrase on what police show?  (place mouse pointer over ? icon to view hints or answer requirements)     
77 Sunset Strip 
***Hawaii Five-O 
The Avengers 


What was the name of Columbo’s pet dog?






Question 10:

This detective from a 70’s show of the same name, had a cockatoo named Fred and an informant named Rooster. The theme song of the show was sung by Sammy Davis Jr. What is the name of the show?    No hint available for this question
Barney Miller 
Barnaby Jones 
Shields & Yarnell


In Quincy M.E., what was Quincy’s first name?



***Nobody knows

It changed each season

What was the name of the dog in the TV series “Hart to Hart”?



Flea Bag


Which actor portrayed blind insurance investigator Mike Longsteet in the one-season crime drama “Longstreet”?

James Franciscus

Judd Hirsch

James Farentino

Gene Barry

  1. What veteran small screen actor starred as Anthony Blake in “The Magician”, a 1973 mystery series airing on NBC?

Harry Morgan

Martin Milner

Michael Landon

Bill Bixby

Although better known for her role as one of “Charlie’s Angels”, this actress played Nurse Jill Danko on “The Rookies”. Who is she?

Kate Jackson

Cheryl Ladd

Farrah Fawcett

Jaclyn Smith

  1. Tough guy actor Robert Blake starred as Tony Baretta in “Baretta”. Who sung the opening theme song, “(Keep Your) Eye on the Sparrow”?

Lou Rawls

David Soul

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Barry White

Better known as the amenable Howard Cunningham on “Happy Days”, this actor turned to crime solving as Sheriff Amos Tupper in “Murder, She Wrote” and Father Frank Dowling in “Father Dowling Mysteries”. Who is he?

David Doyle

Andy Griffith

Henry Winkler

Tom Bosley


  1. On the TV series “Riptide”, my brains often proved more useful than the brawn of my two partners. Who am I?

Jerry “Jinx” Jenkins

Albert “Einstein” Shofenski

Peter “The Great” Atkins

Murray “Boz” Bozinsky

Cop? Or Private Eye? Each of these characters likely investigated crimes but some were PI’s whose job it was to investigate and some were cops who investigated- and arrested.

(Det.) Frank Drebin- COP, Police Squad

Pete Malloy & Jim Reed – COPS, Adam 12

Harry Orwell- PI, Harry O

Jonathan Baker – COP, CHiPs

Jim Rockford- PI, The Rockford Files

Ricardo Tubbs- COP, Miami Vice

Jonathon Croft – PI, The Most Deadly Game

Bill Gannon – COP, Dragnet 67-70’s set. It was also on in the 80’s

Jefferson Keyes- PI, Cool Million

Anthony Vincenzo Baretta – COP, Baretta

Jake Styles- PI, Jake & The Fatman

Thomas Magnum- PI, Magnum PI