Debra Lamb and Horror Trivia

Tonight, Scream Queen Debra Lamb joins us for 80’s and 90’s Horror Trivia- who reigns supreme and who gets drunk (spoiler- we all get drunk!) Wanna play along? Of course you do- just print the questions and see who gets the most points and who just gets shitfaced!



In A Nightmare on Elm Street, what movie was Nancy watching on TV?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Hills Have Eyes
The Evil Dead
What horror movie features a serial killer wearing a mask inspired by an Edvard Munch painting?


Nightmare On Elmstreet


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In the movie Scanners, what power do the Scanners have?

How many Cenobites were in the first Hellraiser?

What town is the setting for A Nightmare on Elm Street?

Haddonfield, Illinois
Akron, Ohio
Springwood, Ohio
Napa Valley, California
What is the name of the movie about the Woodsboro murders in 1997s ‘Scream 2’?




The Woodsboro Horror

Which actress is NOT in the ‘Scream’ trilogy?

Drew Barrymore

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Jenny McCarthy

In order for his plan to work, John Doe (Kevin Spacey) had to be killed for having committed what deadly sin in 1995s ‘Seven’?





Who was very effective as serial killer Daryll Lee Cullum in 1995’s ‘CopyCat’?

Jakob Dylan

David Arquette

Woody Harrelson

Harry Connick Jr

Which horror classic was remade in 1998 frame by frame and was a big flop?

The Exorcist

The Shining



Which horror star was in 1998’s ‘Urban Legend’?

Lance Henriksen

Kane Hodder

Robert Englund

Clint Howard

This movie from 1986 was about parasitic brain incubating space slugs that cause havoc on a college campus.

Night of the Creeps



Killer College Slugs

What kind of creature was “The Thing”?

Sea Monster
Space Alien
A man made monster
This movie from 1986 was about parasitic brain incubating space slugs that cause havoc on a college campus.


Bad Taste

Basket Case

The Beyond

This 1986 film centers around Muffy St. Johns’ Spring Break Party at her parents’ secluded mansion.

Deadly Spring Break

April Fool’s Day

Easter Deathday

School’s Out

The 1982 movie Creepshow was a combination of 5 individual stories. Which of the following is NOT one of the titles?

The Lonely Death of Jordy Verril

They’re Creeping up on You

Father’s Day

The Tide is High

In the Movie “Christine”, what kind of car was she?

Ford Fairlane
Dodge Dart
Plymouth Fury
Chevy Impala
The Delta 88 driven in “The Evil Dead” is actually in all of Sam Raimi’s movies- except this one:

Army of Darkness

The Quick and the Dead


Drag Me To Hell

The movie Evil Dead was filmed in a real-life abandoned cabin with a history of murder and mysterious events. What state is it located in?



Tennessee (Near Morristown!) All that’s really left is the basement pit and fireplace…

North Carolina

In Poltergeist, what was wrong with where the house was built?

Indian Burial Ground

Toxic Waste

Built on Sinkholes

Built on Cemetery

What Horror movie makes you believe that everyone has died, when they have not?

Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street
April Fool’s Day
In the original filming of The Shining, how much Kensington Gore was used for the flooded elevator scene?

2 – 3 Gallons

20 – 30 Gallons

200 – 300 Gallons (Shot in 3 takes)

2,000 – 3,000 Gallons

Where did Danny Torrance talking to his finger come from?

Stephen King

Stanley Kubrick

Jack Nicholson

Danny (Lloyd) Torrance

The movie is based on one of Clive Barker’s novels. Which one?




The Hellbound Heart (Clive Barker also wrote the screenplay)

The first Child’s Play movie was released on November 8, 1988. What was the significance of this date?

It’s the Director’s Birthday

It’s the Author’s Birthday

It’s the anniversary of the wrap date

It’s the date Charles Lee Ray became Chucky

This movie was based on a group of immigrants who died in their sleep.

Nightmare on Elm Street 1




In Stir of Echoes, what happened to make Kevin Bacon’s character see ghosts?

Car accident

Wife died

Hit his head building his house


The author of this book, hates the movie that was made from it.


House of Leaves

I Know What You Did Last Summer


Freddy, Jason or Michael Meyers

Was originally a child molester. (FREDDY)

His prosthetics actually melted to his face during a fight scene. (FREDDY- in the final battle in Freddy vs Jason)

Pressed for time, he went to the dentist in full makeup. (JASON)

During one of the most recent movies, he was modeled after John Rambo in First Blood. (JASON)

He has no supernatural traits. (Michael Meyers)

Has an older sister named Judith (MM)

Has a dozen movies (Jason)

Named for the writer’s childhood bully. (Freddy)

His mother was a murderer. (Jason)

Was originally going to be named Josh (Jason)