Rob Kersaint & Strange Science Trivia

Originally Aired 9/23/2016

This Friday Saucey tests his scientific knowledge against musician Robert Kersaint.

Who will prove they have a Nobel Prize Winning Mind and who will be a Contemptible Community College Drop-Out? Find out this Friday at 8PM Eastern on Drunken Trivia



According to Apollo astronauts, the Moon smells like:

cheese, gasoline, burnt gunpowder, coffee grounds


The plant and skin of this fuit can cause contact dermatitis and symptoms similar to poison ivy:

kiwi, pomegranate, mango, papaya (it belongs to the same plant family)


Which edible insect actually does taste like chicken?

cicada, grasshopper, cockroach, dung beetle (Flavor depends on whether they’re cooked, but some say they taste like shrimp or almonds)


Chocolate contains a little caffeine, but how much? Same as:

a can of soda, a glass of iced tea, a cup of coffee, a cup of decaf


How much does each person differ from one another genetically?

0.1%, 2%, 10%, 25%


The blood of a lobster is blue once exposed to air, what color is it inside a living lobster?

blue, clear, yellow, red


If you’re ever stuck in the arctic, you could eat a polar bear to survive- except for which organ?

brain, heart, liver, kidney (Too much vitamin A- you’d die.)


Speaking of Polar Bears, how high up in a tree would you have to go if one was chasing you?

3 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 10 feet (they can jump 6 ft in the air, but they’re not just 2 feet long, are they?)


How long does it take for a blood cell to traverse through the entire body?

one minute, one hour, one day, one week


What does a space psychologist study?

how astronauts cope with spaceflight, the relationship of planets to one another, how hoarders deal with small spaces, agoraphobics


Diamonds are supposed to be one of the hardest substances on earth, how can you destroy one?

acid, a sledgehammer, exploding it, intense heat


Gold, being the opposite, is super soft. As such which of the following can you do with pure absolute gold?

pour it like water, mold it like playdough, carve it like wood, freeze it like ice



Real Science or I made it up:

Recombinant Memetics- study of combining memes (REAL!)

Extraneous Terrestrial Biology- study of organisms from other planets (FAKE)

Computational Social Science- investigation of social phenomenon and trends (REAL)
Reanimation Biology- study of reanimating previously deceased organisms (FAKE)

Microastrology- study of dwarf planets (FAKE)

Cognitive Economics- studies why people make financial decisions (REAL)

Renology- study of kidney failure(FAKE)

Horology- the science of measuring time and making timepieces(REAL)

Crystallography- science of crystal structure and phenomena (REAL)

Organic Electronics- using carbon based nanofabrication and circuit design (REAL)

Quantitative Biology- measuring of biological processes with mathematical problems (REAL)


One of the following colors doesn’t actually exist, which one?

teal, brown, tangerine, magenta (the brain interpolates between violet and red)


This creature can live without a head for weeks!

cockroach, chicken, worm, venus fly trap


This fruit contains so much of a certain mineral that they are radioactive:

orange, banana, papaya, pomegranate


Cooking turns lobsters that red color we’re used to, but only this many is actually red when alive:

1 in 100, 1 in 1000, 1 in a million, 1 in ten million


Which one of the following weighs more:

sea water, fresh water, mineral water, none- they’re all the same


Did you know you can float a rock? Only one kind, though- which:

quartz, soapstone, pumice, slate


Neuroparasites are real, control the brain of the host, and have been found in what organism?

Donald Trump, Birds, Fireflies, grasshoppers (makes them commit suicide into water)


Exo-meteorologists study things that happen where?

on other planets, in our atmosphere, on the surface of earth, in the earth’s core


According to nutrigenomics, food cravings are influenced by this:

how we were raised, the shape of our tongues, our genetic structure, our hair color


Synthetic biologists are working on building bacteria that can devour pollution. Another thing they’re currently working on (and believe is possible) is:

Artificial limbs that can grow by themselves, skin grafts that grow hair for balding people, self-sustaining bioweapons, printable vaccines