Delanie Fischer & Wayne’s World Trivia

Originally Aired 9/2/16

Party Time! Excellent! We’re playing trivia with comedian Delanie Fischer– will it be the Super Sad Ending, The Mega Happy Ending, or the Scooby Doo Ending??? You’ll have to listen in to find out!



Play along! Print out the questions and get the answers as we go!

At the Gas Works, who is Tiny played by?
a. Steven Tyler
b. Christopher Walken
c. Chris Farley
d. Meat Loaf
What is the name of the Native American man in the 2nd movie?
a. Freaky Naked Indian
b. The Naked Indian
c. Scary Naked Indian
d. Weird Naked Indian
Which one of these endings is NOT done in the first movie?
a. Mega Happy Ending
b. Super Sad Ending
c. Scooby Doo Ending
d. Thelma and Louise Ending (That was the second movie)
In the 2nd movie, a lot of things are “crowdsurfed” at the Aerosmith concert. Which of the following was not?
a. a goat
b. beer
c. a refrigerator
d. pizza
Wayne has an extensive collection of these items from previous jobs: _________?
a. Name tags and hair nets
b. Name tags and pens
c. Pens and binders
d. Gloves and hair nets
What is the name of Cassandra’s band?
a. Jolly Green Giants
b. The Firestarters
c. Crucial Taunt
d. Cassandra and the Rebels
What is Wayne & Garth’s nickname for Wayne’s ex, Stacy?
a. Fat Pigeon
b. SuperStalker
c. Tree-hugger
d. Psycho Hose Beast
Where was Cassandra born?
a. Mongolia
b. Vietnam
c. Taiwan
d. Kowloon Bay
Where does Wayne live?
a. Springfield, Illinois
b. Aurora, Ohio
c. Springfield, Ohio
d. Aurora, Illinois
What theme song does Garth whistle while laying on top of the car at the airport?
a. Star Trek
b. Star Wars
c. Rocky & Bullwinkle
d. Planet of the Apes
What is the club where Wayne and Garth go to listen to music, play pool, and meet girls?
a. The Gasworks
b. Loopsy Palace
c. Heavy Metal Man
d. Music and Pool Deluxe
What does Stacey, Wayne’s Ex-girlfriend, give Wayne for their anniversary?
a. a severed head
b. box of chocolates
c. a giant teddy bear
d. a gun rack
What is Cassandra’s native language?
a. Spanish
b. French
c. Taiwanese
d. Cantonese
What song is playing the first time Wayne sees Cassandra?
a. She’s the One
b. You Are the Sunshine of My Life
c. Dream Weaver
d. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
What color is the guitar that Wayne wants?
a. Gold
b. White
c. Black
d. Red
Who Said It??? Wayne….or Garth?
If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines and dick. (GARTH)
If you blow chunks and she comes back, she’s yours. But if you spew and she bolts, then it was never meant to be. (WAYNE)
That bass player’s a babe. She makes me feel kinda funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class. (GARTH)
Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played a girl bunny? (GARTH)
I just always wanted to open a door to room where people are being trained like in James Bond movies. (WAYNE)
It’s like a new pair of underwear: At first, it’s constrictive, but after awhile it becomes a part of you. (GARTH)
if you hurl and I get a whiff of it, I’ll spew. And if I blow chunks the chances are other people are gonna honk. (WAYNE)
marriage is punishment for shoplifting in some countries. (WAYNE)
Ok, we’ve had some word that there is some bad red rope licorice circulating in the crowd. Please stay away from the red rope licorice. (GARTH)
Turn it off man, turn it off! It’s sucking my will to live! Oh, the humanity! (GARTH)
I’ll just stay here and lick the cat’s butt. (WAYNE)
I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored. (WAYNE)
I’m having a good time….not. (GARTH)
Excuse me, I’d like to get by now. (GARTH)
Well, that’s all the time we had for our movie. We hope you found it entertaining, whimsical and yet relevant, with an underlying revisionist conceit that belied the films emotional attachments to the subject matter. (WAYNE)
How much does it cost to fix Wayne’s car?
a. $37.24
b. $42.57
c. $73.10
d. $82.14
What cable Channel does Wayne’s World air on?
a. 3
b. 8
c. 10
d. 12
What song does Crucial Taunt play during the impromptu performance for Mr. Bigg?
a. Why You Wanna Break My Heart
b. Fire
c. Touch Me
d. Ballroom Blitz
Who was the old man haunting the amusement park in the Scooby Doo ending?
a. Mr. Burns
b. Mr. Withers
c. Mr. Johnson
d. Mr. Watson
Which of the following people does NOT see Jim Morrison in a dream?
a.  Cassandra
b. Del Preston
c. Garth
d. Rip Taylor
How much money was the geek at the Aerosmith concert given by his mother?
a. 50 cents
b. one dollar
c. five dollars
d. ten dollars
Who told Del Preston that sleeping upside down adds ten years to your life?
a. Keith Richards
b. Eric Clapton
c. Bob Dylan
d. Jeff Beck
What song does Aerosmith play at Waynestock at the end of the first movie?
a. Dude Looks Like a Lady
b. Shut Up and Dance
c. Love in an Elevator
d. Walk This Way
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