Tin Can’s Summer Of Fun Launch Episode

We’re back! After a few weeks off due to some upheaval with the network, burnout, and Fern having to trek up north due to a family emergency, Tin Can is ready to enter into a bold new era of our network’s short but lovable history. For the moment we are foregoing our politically themed shows and dedicating this summer to something that seems to be in short supply these days…FUN FUN FUN!

So throw some steaks on the grill, chop up some veggies, jump in the pool and grab a cool beer and take a listen to our big super saucey fabulous summer kick off the show that will have everyone asking…Politics? What Politics? We don’t need no stinking politics this summer!

Show Notes:

Well, the Summer Of Fun has officially kicked off with 6 of my favorite Super Awesome High Energy performers!

First up we spoke with the environmentally conscience Upcycle Illusionist who turns ordinary everyday trash into magical gold- Steve Trash, about his new STEM videos Steve Trash Science and a little bit about how the Trash family spends their summers.

Next, we talk with the always positive nerd badass with a heart of gold, Cosplaying Gamer of The Galaxy- Raychelle Keeling about this summer’s hottest superhero movies, video games and her recent engagement to her longtime boyfriend Ham. We also chatted a little about “King Of The Nerds” and how nerd culture has changed since I was a young nerdling.

3rdly we mixed it up with the man who pumpkin danced his way into America’s heart this week on AGT- the Renaissance-Man of the new millennium: Matt Geiler about the incredible work ethic of creative people, summer family cookouts back home in Nebraska and we even fit in a few minutes to Make Matt Sing!

Bringing in the second half of the show we chatted with a girl who personifies fun and happy, the puppet master of jubilation, comedian, and ventriloquist- Christine Barger. Me, Dee and Christine talk “Days Of Our Lives”, Gishwes, Escape Rooms and how Christine and her friends stay so damn cheery in a world that can bog us down with political toxicity. 

5th on the list is a performer I know we will be seeing a lot more of in the future, actor, musician and total sweetheart- Jordyn Aquino. On the episode we talked with Jordyn about the creative process, her passion for music vs her passion for acting and how she makes it all work living in the little talked about state of New Mexico.

Lastly but never leastly we chat with actor, chef, and vegan gangsta the perpetually infectiously delightful- Nicole Derseweh live from the Resist March for Pride in LA. We spoke with the lovely Nicole about nutrition, summer foods and how Nicole spends her summers when she’s not in the kitchen.

So there you have it a new direction for Tin Can Media and hopefully a new direction for my own inner peace. I really hope this episode sets the tone for this upcoming summer and that every single one of you fans walks away from this episode smiling and feeling recharged. Happy Summer- Saucey.

*Programming note John Lehr is on our SOF extra scheduled for 6/16 and will be posted under our Summer Of Fun section on the main page. Also, Jordyn Aurora is the stage name of Jordyn Aquino (which is how I know her)…so when we are talking with Jordyn she is referring to herself by stage name, not the name listed here. Sorry for any confusion.