Tin Can Media’s Live TWELVE HOUR Launch Episode!

Originally Aired 7/30/16

It’s Our Fabulous Tin Can Media 12 Hour Live Launch Episode.

12 hours, over 2 dozen guests, 5 different podcast previews, 4 Saucey hosts and ONE Patient Producer to Rule them all!

So join us as we chat with Magicians, Musicians, and Alternative Models- Oh My! We pick the minds of Actors and Activists. We debate the issues with Friends and Colleagues. All while trying not to lose our minds after 12 solid hours of broadcasting!


Show Notes:

So obviously I’m not going to sit here for 3 days and put up show notes for a 12-hour episode. The feat of talking for 12 hours straight was taxing enough. However, I do want to address a couple of editorial issues here.

Firstly we had a huge decision to make on whether or not to leave in our mistakes and fuck-ups, example: I told Dave Smalley on-air I wanted to talk about an article he wrote, but when I told him the name of the article, it turns out it was a completely different Dave Smalley! For a huge lifelong fan of Dave’s music, you can imagine this was pretty embarrassing. However, we all got together and decided it really is our flaws that define us more than our triumphs so any stupid mistakes we made along the way have been left in for your amusement. That being said there are some audio issues that were edited out, such as drops in sound, dead air, or background noise that was not content related and served absolutely no positive purpose to the overall product.

Next for anyone who tuned in for a particular guest who didn’t make it, like Paul Goebel, Alexandria Lee or Alison Klemp, when you book 28 people for a show that runs from 9AM to 9PM, it is a statistical impossibility that everyone will be front and center on time, life happens. But don’t worry we are still on great terms with all the guests who had last minute issues and all three guests should be returning to our show in the very near future. In fact, Alison will be on our next episode of The Ignorance Equation this Sunday, August 14th.

And lastly, I want to acknowledge everyone who made this show possible. I am fond of saying “Our show is only as good as our guests and only as successful as our fans allow it to be” and I mean that. I’m just an asshole with a mic and an opinion, our fans, and our guests are truly the ones who make Tin Can Media magical. However there is also one more important component to the whole Tin Can Media equation- My Crew!

Dee “The Maven Domestic” Priser who is not just my producer but my partner in life, and who puts up with my manic perfectionist bullshit demands, and who has also done an inhuman job putting this network together from scratch. My equal and opposite reaction- Duane the Badger, I never understood when people said they were proud of people outside of their own kids, I mean why be proud of someone who is an adult and has their own separate life? But I have to say, just watching the Badger evolve as a person over the last 3 years, I finally get what it means to be proud of another person’s achievements. Also our diligent researcher and level-headed co-host Fern Hart, the pragmatic glue that holds us all together, If there is a bigger workhorse, a more reasonable mediator, a kinder soul on this planet, I have yet to meet them, and lastly but certainly not leastly one of my best pals of 20 plus years Odell Norman, there is absolutely no way I would want to do Musical Osmosis without Odell by my side. Odell has my back and makes talking to some of my favorite musicians even better than I ever thought possible. My crew is the reason why this all works so magnificently, and for that, I am eternally grateful. 

So there you have it. History has been made, 12 hours 28 guests and minimal screw ups. Not a bad piece of podcasting if I do say so myself. Just a point of interest, if you have a certain guest you want to hear, Dee has added each guest to the playlist itself by the hour they were on our program.

Thank you: To our fans, our guests and my crew, for making this dream of entertaining and inspiring the masses possible. -Saucey