Deplorable Me

Episode 107: Deplorable Me

Originally Aired 09/25/16

SYNOPSIS: As the Presidential Race tightens between two extremely disliked and unpopular candidates, any political misstep can cost the candidate the election. Was Hillary Clinton’s “Basket Of Deplorables” Her 47 percent Mitt Romney moment…or will this election come down to party loyalty and who can drive more of their base into the voting both on November 8th?

This week writer Rachel McDonnell joins our panel to talk about 2 very flawed candidates. One who was never expected to even get the nomination and one who was never expected to be able to politically outlive her scandals.

We also talk Digital Deviants, Desperate Deportables, and Dreadful Dance-Moves!

So join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Despicable Election Coverage we can Aggressively Ballyhoo into your Scandalous Little EarHoles.


Show Notes:

For the first time since the Tin Can Launch episode, I feel like the show is back on track. Really happy with this week’s episode and I feel like maybe all of us have turned a corner, in our profession as well as personal lives. Fingers crossed.

This week’s news included stories about the insanity that was Corey Feldman’s Today Show performance. Should we feel sorry for the backlash against this perpetual man-child, or is this just another case of a spoiled former child actor who can’t take any criticism? You be the judge.

We also tackled a news story that has been generating quite a bit of heated commentary, at least among my friends, called “It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies“. We were pretty split of the actual validity of this article…who feel on which side? You’ll have to press that magic play button to find out.

Also this episode’s news stories ran long (our buddy Eddie called in and things got a little of track) So Badger didn’t get to talk about his story this week on illegal immigration…something I am sure you will hear all about on Badger’s Vlog- “Shit Badger Didn’t Get To Say”

On the panel this week was writer and blogger Rachel McDonnell. A girl who quickly melted Badger’s old cold dead heart. One the panel we talked about all things Hillary, a little bit about Trump and I got some of my questions answered about the clinical mental health of people who believe in bullshit conspiracy theories based on nothing more than their own imagination.

Once again, even though we disagreed, no one held back and no one went off the rails- I thought It was a pretty good balance. And Rachel was smart, funny and informed and kicked some big Master Degree knowledge upon the panel. So all in all the show was a resounding success…at least in my humble opinion.

Rachel doesn’t have any videos I can put up this week. And with the debate tonight (I am writing this on Monday) I am sure no one would be in the mood to watch them anyway. So hug someone you love and join us next week on The Ignorance Equation. -Saucey

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