The Kids Are Alt. Right

Episode 106: The Kids Are Alt. Right

Originally Aired 09/18/16

SYNOPSIS: Who is the Alt. Right? What is their platform and where did they come from, and most importantly what does their rise mean for the Republican Party? This week author Geoffrey Kabaservice joins are panel to try an untangle the very convoluted angry meme driven movement known as Alt Rightism.

Plus Creepy Clowns who won’t Stand Still, Insane Dictators who won’t Stand Down and Athletes that refuse to Stand Up!

So Join Dee, Saucey, Duane and Fern for all the Hardcore Ideologies we can Verbally Propagandize into your Nationalistic EarHoles!

Show Notes:

So no Badger this week…wah wah! And I got to tell you it really changed the tone of our show. It was like a Christmas Tree with no star on top, a fish sammich with no tartar sauce, a Sarah Palin interview with none of the laughs, you could just tell something special was missing.

This episode we talked about the week long hate campaign online against the athletes who refused to stand for the National Anthem. And my many interactions, most of which were negative, coming from people who never served telling people who have served, if they agree that these athletes have the right not to stand then those vets and soldiers need to get the fuck out of our country. Which seems like complete madness to me, but give a listen and you be the judge.

We also talked about what kind of nefarious shenanigans North Korea’s Tiny Treacherous Tyrant Kim Jong-un has gotten himself into this week, can you believe he has outlawed sarcasm, what could be more ironic than unironically banning any statements made with a sense of irony? Oh, Kim Jong-un you silly bastard! We also talk about North Korea’s growing nuclear capabilities and why most Americans care more about Clinton Body-Double Conspiracies and Taco Trucks than the threat of total nuclear annihilation from a raving lunatic like Kim Jong-un.

And to wrap up this week’s news we shift gears and examine the bizarre cases of creepy clown sitting growing in the South East, and how police are responding to what they think could be either a Guerilla Marketing campaign by Rob Zombie or Magical Clowns from the 5th dimension who are here to torment our children- seems reasonable!

On the panel this week, one of my favorite authors Geoffrey Kabaservice returns to give us the low down on the so-called Alt. Right. Who they are, where they came from and if this is a movement any of us should be paying attention too. The panel discussion was a little shorter than usual due to a scheduling conflict, but I still feel like there was lots of good information regarding the Alt Right especially for those of you who have never heard of their movement before.

As our parties grow more and more extreme, forcing out the majority of us in the middle, what will this mean for America and a political system that many believe is on the brink? Hopefully, we can make a much-needed course correction so we never have to find out.


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