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Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Episode 105: Youth Is Wasted On The Young

Originally Aired 08/28/16

SYNOPSIS: This week we take a break from our usual Heated Debates, Presidential Races and Depressing National News to talk about getting old, like really really old, like I voted for Calvin Coolidge old!

Unbelievably there are still people kicking around this planet that were born around the turn of the 20th century, and we are fascinated by it! So we dedicate this episode to all the OG’s out there, Centenarians and Super Centenarians, people who fought in WW1 and WW2, and hopeless romantics who have been married longer than most of us have been alive. This episode we celebrate people who have Lived, Loved and Lingered a hundred years or more.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Ancient Chinese Secrets we can Pony Express into your Outdated Little EarHoles!


Show Notes:

So this episode I think we finally started getting our footing back and our show is on track again, not 100 percent yet, but very close to where we were before the break. As you will hear on the show me Dee and Fern have really been suffering from an intense case of political burnout this past couple of weeks; of course, Badger is immune to such human frailties.

Because of the unusually ridiculous and hateful election cycle, even by political standards, we just needed a break from our usual political misery to talk about something fun and somewhat inspiring. An article about the world’s oldest person, but most importantly the only person left on Earth who was born in the 1900’s, prompted me to build a whole episode around the true underdogs- the elderly. Particularity¬†Centenarians and Super Centenarians.

Although we promised not to wax political this episode, this past week our studious cohost, Fern Hart, received such an infuriating polling call, we had no choice but to discuss it on this episode. A call that proves once again that mainstream media manipulates the masses into believing all we can ever be is a two party system.

With that nasty business behind us, we moved on to our topic of the day, people who live to be 100 or older and some of the amazing things they have accomplished. We also talked the oldest dog, the average lifespan of animals, maximum age theory and tons of old age related facts. No guests this week, no rant, just 4 political animals chatting about the amazing lives of Centenarians and Super Centenarians.

Ever wonder what a 110-year-old woman with a crazy name like Flossie Dickey would have to say? Wonder no more because we got you covered!


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