Reality Ain’t What It Use To Be

Episode 104: Reality Ain’t What It Use To Be

Originally Aired 08/21/16

SYNOPSIS: Remember reality? I mean reality before Reality TV, Virtual Reality, and Personal Realities became the Reality we live in. This episode we discuss what the nature of reality is in a world that is changing so drastically at speeds never before seen in human history. How facts are no longer facts, and the definition of words all depends on the person who is using them. We also talk upside down flags, right side up zombie attacks, and the land down under.

And this week author of “Hand To Mouth”, Linda Tirado, stops by to talk about reality, Australia, and how her “reality” has changed since Bootstrap America took the world by storm.

So join Dee, Saucey, Fern, and Badger for all the Audio Inception we can Cognitively Manipulate into your Malleable Little EarHoles.

Show Notes:

This episode seemed really low energy to me, the complete opposite of last week’s episode that went off the rails.This might have something to do with the fact that we did a recorded episode yesterday we were going to air next week while we were out of town, but because of horrible sound issues will never see the light of day. Or maybe we just overcompensated by trying to remain calm and cut down on the over talk, yelling and swearing from last week that we subconsciously held back. Whatever ever the reason, this episode was fine but to me lacked energy.

This episode we started off with a casual chat about the FSU student, who for still unknown reasons attacked, killed and eat the face off 3 random strangers. This story was harder to absorb than I initially thought due to the fact that I searched out the victims Facebook page and felt like I kind of knew her after reading the dozen of comments about her life. So far no drugs were detected in the killers bloodstream but he will see what the final results are in the coming weeks.

Next Badger took the lead on a story he is very passionate about, the arrest of an ex-veteran for displaying his American flag upside down. I have personally seen Badger get in many online disputes over this issue, so I think it was cathartic for him to finally get to talk about it on air.

After we wrapped up on all things flag-related, I began “My Say” which this week was very personally to me as I took on America’s eroding respect for facts and the definition of words. Fern said this was her favorite of my rants so far, probably because I was so passionate about this topic.

On the panel this week we expanded on my rant (to read today’s rants and others head on over to our “Rants Of Wisdom” page) as we dug into the nature of reality, the nature of words, and way facts matter. I thought today was a decent show, but like I said earlier a very low energy episode. I am really hoping to find that sweet balance between straight forward news and opinions and off the fucking rails pandemonium, we’ve been gone a while so I guess it’s something we will just have to work back up to.

This week’s panel guest was author of “Hand To Mouth”, a women I have gotten to know fairly well over the last year and a half and am happy to say will soon be starting up her on podcast on this very network, Linda Tirado. Linda brought the big knowledge this episode, and showed has once again why she is such a brilliant writer and potent voice against the evil forces of the global oligarchy.

Check out where I first became a fan of Linda Tirado on this clip from Real Time with Bill Maher.


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