A Party Of One

Episode 103: A Party Of One

Originally Aired 08/14/16

SYNOPSIS: We’re back! Dee, Saucey, Fern, and Badger are here to give give you all the Candidly Unbiased Commentary From Outside The Media Thought Bubble! On our first official show on Tin Can Media, we dig into the mechanics of a man who wants to go at it alone.-Donald Trump Can Trump win without GOP Establishment support? Can Trump beat Hillary without the woman vote? Can he effectively Govern if all his advisors are in his own head? How does Trump win or become a legitimate President if he refuses to be anything but a party of one?

Today’s Guests- Comedian Alison Klemp and Writer Jake Allen join our panel as we try to answer that question. We also hit some of this week’s hottest news stories from the perspective of 4 very different individuals who are outside the Corporate Owned Machine.

So join Dee, Saucey, Fern, and Badger for all the Anti-Establishment Winning we can Viciously Tweet into your Derelict Little EarHoles!

Show Notes:

Welcome back to our first official Ignorance Equation broadcast since May! Now that we have our site up and running, audio issues are fixed, its time to dig in to the flagship show and get back to mixing it up with each other. You can tell its been a while, get ready for the ride!

First we tackle “Binky Princess”, a grown woman who is a victim of sexual abuse and is into “age play” where she dresses up as a baby, acts like a baby, and is intimate with her boyfriend. This is a form of BDSM and her reasoning is to gain her power back. So let me just say, this is weird. REALLY weird. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Putting the weird factor aside, we go down the psychological rabbit hole trying find the line between healthy role play and disturbing pedophilia tendencies. Comedienne Alison Klemp joins the conversation and backs up the Badger and me in our opinion of healthy role pay versus Nick who believes this is an underlying urge to be a child molester. Is it just weird role play or is it a launching pad for pedophilic tendencies? Furthermore should she capitalize off of this fetish? Let us know what you think!

We continue with Alison Klemp who touches on her comedy, integrating politics into her comedy and the balance that is required before we jump into Hillary and the wrongful death suit for the victims of Benghazi. Badger takes the lead on this story, integrating his opinion with an area 51 lawsuit from back in the day. Tackling a lawsuit is always tricky territory considering the interpretation of the laws. Does this open up a can of worms for any military member who served in a police action to sue for wrongful death or dismemberment as Nick believes? Or is this cut and dry on a legality standpoint as I believe? Listen to the opposing arguments and decide where you stand.

With another eloquent “My Say” from our host Nick, we welcome writer Jake Allen to the panel who gives us a little insight to his childhood and his experiences that helped shape his life. You can check him out on Political Post View. Now up until this point Badger held himself together fairly well. If you have been listening and following us for some time, you know our lovable Badger is a staunch Trump supporter and has been on the Trump train from the beginning. His claws come out in this episode, fed up with the constant barrage of Trump saturation in the media. The biggest catch in the media net these days is the 5 star comments that is inundating the cycle, along with the second amendment comments from The Don, the 50 Republican who pulled their support, and the 3rd party never Trump candidate, Evan McMullen. We really got heated in this episode, all of us feeling passionately about our beliefs and defending them with the most fervor we have had in some time.

We finish our show with my mother, Darlene, calling in from Maine to give us the boots on the ground perspective regarding Susan Collins and her latest Washington post piece pulling the Senators support from Mr. Trump. As is the tone of this episode, we kind of fall away from the topics at hand and delve into different territory, finishing up in a little disorganized and discombobulated way.

I’m not going to say this is the type of show we want to put out all the time, with the talk over and the yelling, but it does show the authenticity of what we do. This is not scripted. You are getting insight into the challenges of having 5 people with different opinions on one platform. Sometimes it gets crowded and heated, but it is real people talking real issues in real time. We all walked away friends and with respect for each other. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed broadcasting! Comments are the window to our listeners minds so don’t be shy! Let us know what you think below!

As always with huge thanks and love- Fern Hart

Love Alison’s straight forward brutally honest comedy and want to hear more. We aim to please! Watch, Listen and Laugh along with Alison Klemp.


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