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Tin Can Politics: Part Two

Episode 102: Tin Can Politics- Part Two

Originally Aired 7/30/16 as part of our GIANT 12 Hour Tin Can Media Launch Show

SYNOPSIS: The second part of our two part mini-episode taken from our big 12 hour launch episode. This segment we talk Blue Lives Matter, E.B. Cooper, Donald Trump, and outline Both Parties’ Newly Released Political Platforms. Guest: Mike Bushman, Chris Novembrino, Xander Demos, James Bruce and Jay Sin help us pontificate politically.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Exhaustive Political Banter we can Verbally Slingshot into your Decaffeinated Little EarHoles!


Show Notes:

It felt so good to jump back into the political fray with my co-hosts Badger and Fern and mix it up with some of our favorite guests. The three of us are true political junkies, and when we go any length of time without that old Ignorance Equation outlet, we usually spend hours a day on the phone with each other debating the issues.

As stated, this episode we had some of our favorite regular guests on the show. musician Xander Demos, who leans very right, and comedian James Bruce, who leans very left. I think it is that conservative/liberal back and forth with me directing traffic that makes our show so special. But hey, The Ignorance Equation is my baby, so like any parent maybe I am a little biased. 

In this first part, we talked about the new crop of “Blue Lives Matter” legislation that is popping up all over the country, and ask if these laws are passed, will they give an already corrupt policing system in this country even more unchecked power? After an intense back and forth talking about policing and the most recent case of deadly force involving the police, a caseworker, and an unarmed autistic kid, we shifted gears and talked about something a little more fun- the strange case of D.B. Cooper.

As we moved into part two with author of “Doing Unto Others”, Mike Bushman, and Jay Sin of the fierce punk bands Narcoleptic Youth and Modern Age Decline, Fern once again showed off her researching chops and gave us the complete political platforms of both the Democratic and Republican Parties. No matter which side of the political fence you fall on, you can definitely see the stark difference in these 2 parties’ platforms, and just how differently Republican’s and Democrat’s visions for the future are. I don’t like going too deep into my own political opinions in these notes without Fern or Badger here to serve as a counterbalance, but let’s just say that one platform seems, to me, to be steeped in progress and science, and the other in moving backwards 40 years, and religion. Only you can judge for yourself which would bring about a more prosperous future.

Because this was a 12 hour episode, and we were over half way in, time limitations finally caught up with us and we had to cut our discussion once again with Mike and Jay short. I mention it on air but let me also mention it here that I apologize to the guests and the fans for the time related issues.

Lastly, we cue in a man who always brings the “Big Knowledge” from Don’t Worry About The Government– Chris Novembrino. In an election cycle that is damn near impossible to avoid speaking hours on end about Trump, of course we had to delve into the dynamics of his campaign the psychology of his almost cult-like supporters. We also touched a bit on the conventions and Hillary vs Sanders, but as you can imagine, for the most part, this was a 30 minute conversation about Donald Trump.

So here we are, our 12 hour episode behind us, so much more political road ahead of us with the usual hazards, potholes, and rotting animal corpses along the way. Are we driving towards that shiny city upon the hill? Or for the first time in American history, are we veering off and traveling into the dark forest? No matter the destination, pleasant or otherwise, your pals at The Ignorance Equation will be here next to you along this sojourn! 

And as always, let me leave you with just a little piece of one of our guests. Here is “Death In Me” by Modern Age Decline.


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