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Tin Can Politics: Part One

Episode 102: Tin Can Politics- Part One

Originally Aired 7/30/16 as part of our GIANT 12 Hour Tin Can Media Launch Episode

SYNOPSIS: The first part of our two-part mini-episodes taken from our big 12-hour launch episode.  Talking Trump early in the morning, 3rd party options, and we chat with Negin Farsad about her new book, her new movie, her new podcast, and the same old problems in the Muslim world. And Rob Harpest from Evil Dead The Musical and author Geoffrey Kabaservice stop by to wax political with us.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern, and Badger for all the Bright-Eyed Bushy Tailed Political Banter we can Verbally Bank Shot into your Caffeinated Little EarHoles!


Show Notes:

So after almost 3 months, Me (Saucey), Dee, Fern, and Badger got to once again wax political across the podcast universe. When you form a bond with a group of people, over any situation whether it be the fact you played on the same sports team together, acted on the same television show, or even if you just have a group of really good friends who over three-year have built a podcast network out of nothing, getting back to business feels so damn good.

With the growing Muslim hate and anger in this country, I thought it was important for me to invite back onto the show one of the sweetest and funniest Muslims I know, Negin Farsad. This episode we talked about Negin’s new book “How To Make White People Laugh” Her new podcast “Fake The Nation” and also the growing fear in her community of what happens if Donald Trump becomes President. A very cool, very open conversation. Do you have a problem with Muslims, listen to this interview and maybe you no longer will.

On the second part of our Ignorance Equation, we mixed it up with actor Rob Harpest from “Evil Dead: The Musical” We have had Rob on one other time before, and it was actually one of our favorite episodes. We weren’t sure if he was going to be able to make it on this episode, so freaking happy he did. We also welcomed back the author of one of my favorite political reads “Rule And Ruin” Mr. Geoffrey Kabaservice. This segment we talked about our failing two party system, Ted Cruz’s none endorsing ambush of Donald Trump and the Republican National Convention and a little about the best candidate that never stood a chance- John Kasich.

Looking back now almost two weeks later, I realize just how much a part of my life this show and my colleagues have become. I hope if people take anything away from all of our podcast and network overall it’s that we should each find something we are passionate about and pursue it whole hardheartedly.

For anyone who may not like or who may even fear Muslims, here is a small window into that world. Hope everyone learns something.


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