Political Discourse 101

Episode 101: Political Discourse 101

Original Air Date- 05/01/16

SYNOPSIS: Should The GOP listen to the 40 percent of Republican voters who want Trump or the 60 percent who don’t? Should Sanders’ supporters vote for Clinton if Sanders doesn’t get the nominee? Is Cruz and Kasich’s Dark Alliance against Trump collusion or something even more nefarious? Should McDonalds block sites from their public WiFi? Jay P. Sin from Narcoleptic Youth and Modern Age Decline joins are panel to try and help us figure it all out.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Contested Truth Speak we can Publicly Lambast into your Politically Divided EarHoles!

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Show Notes:

So this was our very last episode on Blogtalk Radio, which made this a very personal episode for all of us. After 3 years of dealing with Blogtalk’s Sound Issues, Switchboard Issues, Technological Issues (these guys had more issues than a meth addicted stripper in Atlanta) and overall shitty Customer Service, it was time for us to strike out on our own and build Tin Can Media, a Podcast Network dedicated to NOT having Sound Issues, Switchboard Issues, Technological Issues and overall shitty Customer Service!

In this historic last episode, well at least historic in our own minds, I mean I doubt our show is going to be zoned as a historical landmark any time in the near future, but I digress. OK, back on track.

In this historic last episode we also talk about our upcoming trip to VA Beach to build the site you are looking at now. I know, bizarre right? We also talk about how excited we are to finally meet up with Badger in person and to see our pal Jason again who both made plans to meet us at Fern’s house in VA Beach- Spoiler Alert: Badger punked out and never even made it out of his living room and the last time I talked to Jason was June 2nd when we called me and said he was on his way, now he has gone MIA like some modern day Lindbergh baby.

Somehow, totally off format, we ended up talking about police abuse for 15 or 20 minutes, which the despicable acts being perpetrated by the police back then seem almost quaint compared to the horrific events involving police more recently.

After the 4 of us all calmed down about that heated little subject, our pal James Myers stopped by to update us on the outcome of his ridiculous arrest involving a random traffic stop, a 15 year old VHS tape and Tom Green…that’s right you heard me, this isn’t a game of Mad-Libs; those 3 things actually have something in common.  For more info on Jame’s arrest click below because honestly I haven’t had my morning coffee and my head is just way too fuzzy to explain this to you.

After James filled us in on the 411 of his case, we delved into a compelling news story about McDonalds refusing to block porn sites (ha I originally typed Pork Sites by mistake- but hey I guess there isn’t much difference- am I right?) from their free WiFi and the moral/societal implications of letting horny middle-aged men watch Edward Penis Hands while eating his McBLT just 20 feet away from the McDonalds jungle gym. I thought this was a really good discussion because it demonstrates how we are a country of varying moral standards and how ‘We The People” measure morality against freedom and when does our sense of personal freedom crossover into just being a complete d-bag. Kind of like when the day after the VA Tech shooting America’s Shit Talker Joe The Plumber said “your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights,” (<—to own a gun). Congratulations Joe! You just made it onto Satan’s canasta team!

But alas, even though yours truly thought this was a conversation for the ages, Fern and a couple other listeners thought it was a totally absurd topic of discussion and a complete waste of time for us, our listeners, and for any future archeologists who might totally uncover this episode 1000 years from now.

What do you guys think? This is a great place for me to do some insecure feedback seeking and ask everyone to leave some comments below and let us know how you dug the episode. And please, no matter if you loved or hated the episode let’s keep it constructive and by the way my hair is off limits, I have gorgeous locks of Magnificent Greek John Stamos-like hair; no one gets to rag on it just to be a dick.

OK now we are into the meat and potatoes of our discussion, The Presidential Primaries.  And boy, did we give out a lot of good info on this episode on the primary process, brokered conventions, delegates, super-delegates, bound delegates, bonus-delegates, 16th century droid macadamia nut-loving delegates, trying to say there are way too many types of delegates…try to keep up, people.

What even made this episode possible is that I asked our studious co-host Fern Hart to pull some info on the primary process and delegates and she went into full Beautiful Mind mode and researched the hell out of the primaries, like a turbo-charged librarian on a 3 week coke bender. So yeah, lots and lots of good info here, all courtesy of our resident obsessive compulsive researcher Fern.

Right now you may be thinking, porn at McDonalds, James Myers’ VHS arrest, primary and delegate info, and enthusiastic talk about going to the beach for 5 weeks? How could they possibly stuff anymore awesomeness into one already jam-packed awesome episode…HOW? I’ll TELL YOU HOW, FOOL!!!!  With our special panel guest, punk rock wiz-kid and all around superrific guy: from one of my all time favorite bands Narcoleptic Youth– the prodigious Jay Sin! To find out what this lovable punk rock smart guy is all about check out his band below.

We love love love having Jay on because he adds so much to the conversation with his practical and straightforward political outlook, and just like his band, his views are very entertaining while also saying cool things that matter…that’s right cool things that matter, going to bedazzle that saying onto my jean jacket.

And finally, just to round out an already historic (there’s that word again, I must think I’m just the shiz nizzle!) episode we got our absolute favorite thing in the world, a random caller. If you go read our about us, the thing about us is we really really love open conversation and the free exchange of ideas. I would say The Ignorance Equation is a “Safe Place” for political discourse but that creates images of millennial college students having to run to a designated area to hide and recover from something unpleasant they heard someone say on The View. However, we do pride ourselves with welcoming ALL opinions left, right, and center without the fear of us annihilating them just based on their political views. Which should be apparent since most of our callers don’t share Me (Saucey) Dee, or Fern’s views, they do however always have a friend in Badger.

So there you have it, my first archive post- a little long, alright, alright a lot long, I am 45 years old for crying out loud and us old folk tend to ramble. This is why we have our mysterious comment box of doom, yeah- there is just no way to make a comment box seem ominous. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. And remember our show is only as good as the guests we have on and only as popular as our fans allow us to be.

So thanks for being a fan and keep thinking forward- The Saucey One

*You will hear us speak of this thing called the “Kettle Of Fish” after show, our after show has been edited our and put onto it’s own podcast page since we will now being doing The Ignorance Equation and KOF as two totally separate shows. Ah a look behind the scenes, did we kill some of the magic?






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