No Cure For The Common People

Episode 98: No Cure For The Common People

Original Air Date: 04/03/16

SYNOPSIS: This week we speak with the Mayor of Braddock Pennsylvania, John Fetterman. We’ll talk about the amazing work John has done as Mayor since 2005, his heroic arrest in front of UPMC headquarters, and his current Senate Run. It’s a short but sweet 90 minute episode.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Commonplace Conversation we can Causally Conceptualize into your Run Of The Mill EarHoles!

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Show Notes:

In a way, this episode was three years in the making. Back in 2013, just as I was starting The Ignorance Equation I saw an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. The guest that day was a large, casually dressed, bald guy with several tattoos who honestly looked more like a biker than a public servant. But, as I have learned over the years not only can looks be deceiving- they usually are.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with The Mayor of Braddock Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, he took a passionate stand against another guest who was bashing the town Fetterman represents, and John was not shy about expressing his disdain. Back when I was starting out I had no idea how to book guests, a story I shall regale you with on this episode, and after months of trying to call City Hall, I finally tabled the idea. Oddly enough, 3 years later I took a chance and reached out to John on his Facebook fan page, and to my complete surprise, I got a reply back. And the rest is history.

Even though I am a pretty ardent fan of the good work the Mayor is doing, our skeptical, borderline nihilistic co-host, Duane The Badger, did not share my admiration, in fact, Duane was a complete naysayer of the work John has done in Braddock and had no problem sharing this opinion on air. Things may have gotten a little unconformable at times, but not too heated, however, I don’t expect Mayor Fetterman will ever call back into our show.

Because of scheduling conflicts we had our conversation with our guest in the first half of the show, and then the news towards the end. Only 90 minutes long instead of the usual two hours, overall I was not particularly happy with the finished product. The sound quality is also pretty crummy this episode, which are words I hope to never have to write again moving forward with new episodes, summation: Blogtalk Radio Sucks!!!

After Mayor Fetterman took his leave, we hastily churned out about 30 minutes of news. Touching on silly topics like an Onion article of Obama flying back from Cuba with hundreds of refugees hanging off the wings of Air Force One, and the gullibility of Americans who took this satire piece as real journalism…and a fucking reality that could actually exist, and a story about a self learning Twitter program that got turned into a hateful whorebot after only a few days of interacting with Americans online, we wrapped up this episode of The Ignorance Equation and chalked it up to you can’t win them all, or maybe we didn’t? Maybe we thought it was a really good show at the time and looking back through the lens of history it just seems different to me? I don’t know.

I’m sure this episode had even more content on it, but honestly I had to stop listening about 20 minutes before our program ended. Looking back I just don’t think it is one of our better episodes, but I am sure you will love it so tune on in. Let me know in the comment box if I am being too critical of the episode, or if it is the sub-par episode I think it is.

By the way, here is the episode of Real Time that made me a fan of Mayor Fetterman– Enjoy!



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