No Country for Old Podcast

Episode 100: No Country For Old Podcast

Original Air Date- 04/24/16

SYNOPSIS: It’s the show that was 99 episodes in the making- Our Big 100th Episode Extravaganza!

This week is open format and anything can happen as some of our favorite guests stop by to talk about turning 100! This episode, Raychelle Keeling from season 3 of King Of The Nerds joins us, along with Author Charles Thompson, Actor John Lehr and even Kory Clarke from Warrior Soul calls in to wish us a happy one-hundred.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Centennial Mischief we can Redundantly Podcast into your Ancient Little EarHoles!

Click the player now or read the show notes first, you can’t mess this up.

Show Notes:

Three years ago one of my oldest and dearest friends; Claire Kaiser, asked me to call into her podcast in Germany, Four Directions. At the time I didn’t even know what a Podcast was, but I knew I was completely hooked. Or as Ellen Page said in “Whip It”,  I’m in love with this! So it began, The Ignorance Equation radio show/podcast on Blogtalk. Over the past three years we have developed our content changed our format and have welcomed new co-host Fern Hart. Looking back it is unbelievable how far we have come in just 3 short years, I mean it took 3 whole seasons for The Simpsons to become halfway decent, so I feel like we are right on track!

So here we now sit, 100 episodes in. And after 100 episodes of The Ignorance Equation, interviews with over 50 different guests, and talking about everything from Ted Cruz’s ridiculous make-believe filibuster, to Bill Cosby’s 20 year roofie marathon, we had finally come to a place where we felt our show was good enough to leave the cold, uncaring world of Blogtalk radio and strike out on our own. You can actually hear the wheels turning in our heads as we talk about the creation of Tin Can Media in those last few episodes.

But let’s stop reminiscing about the past and dig into the episode before us. The 100th episode was not our usual format, not a lot of political talk, kind of just a fun look back at the past 100 episodes, good and bad.

The episode starts with a discussion about the passing of one of the most prolific artists of our time; Prince. As noted in the episode this was the first time the passing of an entertainer had a real emotional impact on me. It was as if a very small, but very important part of my childhood had died that day. Maybe you feel the same way about Bea Arthur or the guy who played Mr. Whipple in the old don’t squeeze the Charmin commercials, but for me it was Prince. Not Michael Jackson, not Robin Williams, not even David Bowie or any other entertainer I grew up enjoying, but the artist formally known as. I would love to know the psychology behind that one.

Next up, a totally unexpected call from a man I hold in the highest regard, Mr. Charles Thompson. Author of the book “Is The United States Worth Saving?” Charles had spent the better part of his life in public service, and instead of retiring and enjoying his golden years fishing with his grand kids and binge watching The West Wing on Netflix, Charles selflessly yet again put his nose to the grindstone and wrote a book every single citizen should read if they have any interest in understanding what it means to be an American. “Is The United States Worth Saving?” is truly a masterpiece. An unbiased, zero partisanship, insightful look at what it means to live in this great (but not always perfect), nation of ours. Have I mentioned I really like his book? For all you millennials out there, it’s like, even better than Pokemon Go!

After the exit of our friend Charles Thomson, we talked a bit about how the show has changed over the years, and what the privilege of being able to educate and inform and even sometimes give voice to the voiceless has meant to us. Not to brag on Dee, but she really opened up this episode and put into words what all of us have said many times off-air,  just more eloquently.

Next, just for shitz and giggles, wait- cool kids still say that right? Anyway, I blasted my co-host with “one hundred” related questions, questions that had to do with reaching one-hundred, not 100 actually questions, wasn’t sure if that made sense so just want to clarify, me being a humble servant of the people and all.

Does Sir Mix-A-Lot have 100 songs in his catalog? Did Shirley Temple live to be 100 years old? Did the Love Boat reach 100 episodes? To receive the answers to those life changing questions you will have to tune in! Or I guess you can just Google it, damn you Google- you have foiled me again!!!

Finally, just when you thought the show was reaching a baseline point that made you want to tune out and go watch funny cat videos on YouTube, our pal Kory Clarke from the renegade rock group, Warrior Soul, called in and gave us all the proverbial audio kick in the ass we so sorely deserve. If you guys are not familiar with Kory’s work as an artist or musician, I shall do my due diligence as Fern always says and post one of Warrior Soul’s headbanging anthems below.

The good news is, once you watch the video and listen to our episode if you find yourself asking how do I hear more of Kory Clarke mixing it up with Saucey and Badger? We got you covered- Me Duane and Kory have a new podcast premiering on this very network where we discuss conspiracy theories, paranormal events and over all weird occurrences, and I’m not referring to Sarah Palin’s last book tour, called Generation X-Files. Great name huh? We are so damn clever! 

Rounding out our 100 Game is that nerd bad-ass, that sonic ray of sunshine, that cooler than any band who ever claimed to be cooler than Jesus…Raychelle Keeling from “King Of The Nerds”

Now I have had the opportunity to work with a few different people from the KOTN cast, and all of them have been a complete delight so when someone my age bags on the youth of today I tell them to look up Raychelle, Mary Kate, and/or Alana online and then I scream, “In your face old man”! Although she could only stay for a moment she left us all smiling like some fucking Jedi Mr. Rourke from Fantasy Island! Oh Ricardo Montalban, they just don’t make them like you anymore.

Oh Look Rachelle in all her super-duper bad ass glorious nerddomhood!

As the show comes to it’s close, author Mike Bushman calls in to congratulate us and kick the big knowledge. Mike, who will soon have his own podcast on our network, is the author of 2040, 2041, and “Doing Unto Others” a series of books I not only love but have also had the honor to write the forward to, which makes me very happy in my face. Now, I could go into a long meandering paragraph about how much I like and respect Mike, but honestly, I just did that 5 paragraphs ago with Charles, and I don’t wanna sound like an idiot fanboy of really, really, smart guys. So let me just say “I Like Mike” and move on, besides he has been on the show 15 times, so I am sure I will gush all over his super smartyness another time.

So now is the time that our big 100th episode must come to it’s end, and what better way to end anything in life: whether it be a podcast, a radio interview or nude jello wrestling- but with the comedy chops of that lovable Geico Caveman, John Lehr. John actually called in a few minutes early so we could have him on our Kettle Of Fish comedy after show, a show that was designed 80 percent to relax after our 2-hour political show and 20 percent to stick it to Blogtalk Radio and milk 2 different shows out of one designated time slot! Take that corporate oligarchs! Saucey is one step ahead of your streamlined business models, cost-benefit analysis, and collated multicolored spreadsheets! If you are not familiar with the improv brilliance that is John Lehr, take a look below, and let the sun shine in.

Well that’s all for now my starry-eyed little podcast enthusiast, but my goal is to have 20 archive episodes up for each show before our launch date, and my other goal is to do a 12 hour live episode with over 30 guests and NOT end up in a rubber room talking to finger puppets- so we will see how it all works out.

As always, this is Saucey reminding you to

Keep Thinking Forward.

*You will hear us speak of this thing called the “Kettle Of Fish” after show, our after show has been edited out and put onto it’s own podcast page since we will now be doing The Ignorance Equation and KOF as two totally separate shows. So now you know- and knowing is 86.9% of the battle.

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