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90 Minute Political Thought Bubble

Episode 97: 90 Minute Political Thought Bubble

Original  Aired Date- 3/20/16

SYNOPSIS: This week 90-minute open forum episode. Phone lines will be open as we talk about all the week’s news from outside The Corporate Media Machine. 

Also Lee Camp, Brent Mukai, and Xander Demos call in with their opinions.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Candid Political Reality we can Verbally Sledgehammer into your Truth Hungry EarHoles!

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Show Notes:

Special 90 minute (as oppose to our usual 120-minute format) with multiple guests in random succession, just because we wanted to do something different. 

This episode we debate the philosophical thought experiment known as “The Runaway Trolley Dilemma” with Guitarist Xander Demos and our now MIA friend- Jason Lewis, just a little disclaimer there is some horrible background noise due to Jason not muting his phone while he was not speaking with us. We also mix it up with Xander about the overused term “Terrorism” and how it applies to social media trolls and haters. I am really glad I got to know Xander Demos, even know we are on pretty opposite sides of the political fence, I respect his outspokenness and his music prowess. Speaking of Xander here’s a video, so take a break and relax to the shredding tones of Xander Demos!

As Jason took his leave, our dear friend Claire called in from Germany. The conversation kind of took on a dark turn as we talked capital punishment and execution by bullet compared to execution by lethal injection. We also talked Jarred from Subway and perverts, pedophiles and rapist.

Next up the always informative and quick-witted Lee Camp from Redacted Tonight. This segment we talked about Hilary and the Bernie movement, and what is crazy to me is if you listen to Lee Camp back in March he nails it as far as what we will see up the road. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of all that Lee does, here is the latest episode of Redacted Tonight for your viewing and learning pleasure!

Moving into our last half-hour, we mix it up with Xander about the evils of “Trickle Down Economics” and how it has lead red states like Kansas and Louisiana to finical ruin. Shortly after we say bye to Xander and welcome comedian Brent Mukai to the last few minutes of the panel. 

In this last few minutes, of course, it was impossible to go 90 minutes without talking about the bombastic Donald Trump, we chatted about Trump’s rhetoric and the violence and hate that seems to follow his Trump train from town to town.

So ending these notes on a positive, every week we have so many different people from different classes, races, political parties and religion mixing it up politically, the really cool thing is, for the most part, we can all find some kind of common ground and that we all walk away as friends who have a mutual respect for each other. As a host what else could I ask for?

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