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1237 Or Bust!

Episode 99: 1237  or Bust!

Original Air Date- 04/10/16

SYNOPSIS: This week we talk Trump’s battle with the GOP to collect the 1237 delegates needed to ensure the nomination, college kids flipping out over Trump’s name written in chalk, Trump’s worst week ever, and every other horrible thing in the Trump universe including his feud with Ted Cruz and “The Real Housewives Of The Republican Party”, his back and forth and back again on abortion, and the other 20 Trump controversies that are sure to occur between now and Sunday’s show. And Comedian Caleb Synan joins our panel and plus the weeks news.

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Brokered Small Talk we can Verbally Retaliate into your Counter-Punching EarHoles!

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*Disclaimer: This is the full episode however Fern got cut off by KOF music just as the show ended, so it has been edited to exclude music from our after show.

Show Notes:

Our 99th episode was probably the last episode we did before we made a final decision to leave Blogtalk Radio and strike out on our own. It is also the episode where you can sense I was getting restless with the current format and starting switching things around a little, like doing my rant as soon as the show opened instead of waiting till just before the panel discussion.

Going back and listening to these older episodes now (so I can put these show notes together), I can really hear the frustration of being stuck on Blogtalk and not having any other viable broadcast options- so I said fuck it and created my own options! All progress is made by the unreasonable man, right?

This episode was our first talk with James Myers, who, at that time, had just been arrested for not returning a “Freddie Got Fingered” VHS tape 14 years ago. At this point James had no idea (warning! spoiler alert!) this nonsense was going to be thrown out of court, and it’s strange going back and listening to episodes in reverse chronological order. It’s sort of like being trapped in the movie Memento or a bad episode of Seinfeld. For those of you not aware of this case, I’ll post a little lead-in video about his story here:

Another first time guest to our political show was a comedian- Caleb Synan who we’d had on Drunken Trivia a few weeks before, and never really thought to ask to join us on The Ignorance Equation. However, after having lunch with him, seeing him live, and hanging out with him afterwards and talking politics, we knew we had to have him on our political panel.

A little background for you, Caleb grow up in a very Conservative Christian household, in fact his father is a preacher, and after years of being a hardcore Conservative himself, slowly became more moderate from traveling the country and getting out of his own small town bubble. I won’t go too deep into it here, but it is a fairly remarkable story and Caleb is just about one of the nicest and most down to Earth guys you would ever wanna meet, on top of that he a very sharp comic. How sharp you may ask, just check out his video below:

Now onto the crux of our episode; our discussion about Trump’s chances of actually winning the Republican nomination. Memento, right?

This episode we really broke down Trump’s chances against Cruz, our disastrous 2 party system, and the outrage of college kids who felt threatened by seeing the word “Trump” written in chalk on campus. Another topic we touched on was Trump’s campaign manager at the time, Corey Lewandowski, being charged with the assault of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, a case that was as weak as it is now forgotten.

Through out this episode we once again had connection and sound issues, and I believe this episode was kind of the last straw that led to the creation of Tin Can Media. Over the last 20 episodes or so, and with the addition of Fern Hart who really grounds the show and keeps us level, I can really see the evolution of The Ignorance Equation and what I hope is us doing very good work; educating, entertaining, and informing the masses.

Well that’s about it for this episode. I will try to shorten these a little, since my first two, which are actually the last two chronically, were a little long, but for me this is a fascinating trip down memory lane. Like it or hate it, we’ll never know unless you use that helpful little box at the bottom and tell us what you really think.

As always thanks for being a fan and remember to stop for a moment to appreciate the little things in life. -From the Desk Of Saucey

*You will hear us speak of this thing called the “Kettle Of Fish” after show, our after show has been edited our and put onto it’s own podcast page since we will now being doing The Ignorance Equation and KOF as two totally separate shows. I know I just totally blew your mind didn’t I?

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