The Seven Days of John Lehr

Originally Aired 7/21/16-7/30/16

Welcome to Deconstructing John Lehr- The 7 Day John Lehr Experiment.

In this series Nick “The Saucey One” Katsouros, along with his impetuous co-host Duane Badger tries to ask actor/comedian John Lehr 7 questions he has never been asked before.

Will Saucey succeed on his quest? Will John end up in the fetal position in tears? Will Badger skip his daily bleach bath to be a part of our seven-day comedy catharsis? Find out here as we delve deep into the brain scrotum of the hilarious master of improv- John Lehr!


 Day One: John’s Pissed Off Prostate!

This episode we ask the question “What does a pissed off John Lehr look like?”

Find out what angry John is like as we talk about Hollywood dicks and John Lehr’s prostate. *Sorry for the echo and background laughter the first 7 minutes of the episode, Dee, our lovely producer forgot to mute her headset.


Day Two: John Puts The Lip Balm On His Skin Or Else He Gets The Hose Again.

This episode we kick it philosophical and ask John, “Are you more concerned with living in the moment creatively or about the legacy of your work?”

It’s Comedic Heresy without the Hemlock as John, Saucey, and Duane talk about their feelings.


Day Three: Soylent Green Is John Lehr!

Working hard or hardly working? Find out this episode when we ask John “Which shitty job has contributed most to your comedy?”

So don’t miss this delightful conversation about John’s madcap work history and John reveals the secret ingredient in his famous bacon turkey finger sandwiches. 


Day Four: The House That Lehr Built

It’s all about the family this episode as we ask John the question “How does your family life effect your comedy?”

Coffee with weirdos, disturbed fans, and touching Father – Son conversations all crammed in 13 wonderful minutes. Listen in the tree house or in the bleach bath and listen with someone you love.


Day Five: John Feels Pretty As A Princess

We’ve probed and prodded and gotten to the quintessential ID of John Lehr, but John shall expose himself as never before as we ask John the burning question…”Which Disney Princess Are You?”

This episode we give John a BuzzFeed survey that reveals John’s inner beauty- Is he Cinderella, Snow White or something in between? Press play and all your Disney dreams will come true.


Day Six: John Lehr; Arcade Fan, Animal Control Guy And Record Collector

What is John Lehr doing in between projects when the public doesn’t get to see him? Wouldn’t you like to know? So would we that’s why we ask John “What  are you doing during your downtime in between projects?”

Bet you didn’t see that one coming! Spoiler Alert: John is NEVER between projects!


Day Seven: Let There Be Lehr!

On this last day of Deconstructing John Lehr we get some solid career advice from John when we ask the question, “What does John Lehr do to calm his nerves before a performance?”

Is John a Temperamental Diva or a Steadfast Professional? Find out on this last introspective episode and remember to always bring a banana!


So there you have it everything you would ever want to know about John Lehr but was too afraid to ask. I hope you learned a lot but more importantly I hope you laughed a lot. Till next time…Keep On Kicking That Tin Can Of Comedy Down The Road. -Saucey

Now that you know John Lehr better than you know most of your friends…you say you want more. Check out the cool things going on over at Howler.TV.

  1. My God! What a treat fellas…
    Nick and Badger you did a great job interviewing John.
    It is weird how much I got right about the comedian from tuning in to his page and Thank you so much for this seven day gig-both Tin Can Media and John Lehr, as the seven day series was a delight for fans!

      • theproducerdee
      • August 5, 2016

      So glad you liked it- I had a blast just being in the shadows for the whole thing. (Also really glad I found the mute button or all you’d hear would be my ROFLMAO-ing!)

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