The Frightful Eight Tin Can Halloween Special!

It’s The 2 Hour Tin Can Media Frightful Eight Halloween Special.

First: Horror Director and Special Effects Maniac Joe Castro and Horror Scream Queen Sheri Davis joins us to talk Halloween Costumes, Scary Stories, Upcoming Projects and the passing of Splatter Film Legend Herschell Gordon Lewis! But I couldn’t take on this Sinister Duo all by my saucey little lonesome, Special Guest Host and adroit of all things creepy Mormo Zine lends a hand, along with Odell, Fern, and Dee.

Then on our 2nd hour The Original Dancing Pumpkin- Comedian Matt Geiler calls in to talk about his comedy and latest album “Average Artwork” on Musical Osmosis.

So join The Frightful Eight for all The Verbal Terror Toons we can Consternationly Howl into your Soul Catching EarHoles.

Note: 2nd half of this show is under our Musical Osmosis channel.

Show Notes:

Full disclosure, as a kid I was really into horror movies, the bloodier the better. To this day the Evil Dead franchise is one of my favorite movie franchises out there, horror or otherwise. However, over the years my interest has moved away from horror and moved onto politics and documentaries (a different kind of horror) with the occasional slapstick comedy to break up the dour influx of political mayhem that has become hardwired into my manic little brain pan. 

In the weeks leading up to Halloween and our super spooky Halloween special, I dug into all things Joe Castro and Sheri Davis related, and let me tell you Joe’s nightmare’s Terror Toons series and Sheri’s Performance in Jebadiah’s Axe, made me fall in love with the genre all over again.

This episode had all the chaos and mayhem one would expect on an 8 person roster co-hosted by the ghoulish proprietor of all tings macabre Mormo Zine. Also, my usual co-host Odell Norman and Fern Hart joined us and as always Dee the Producer was lurking in the shadows. 

Lots of talk on this podcast with Sheri and Joe about how they approach their art, the creative process and how they stay passionate about their work. And Joe gave us the low-down about the history of his cult classic horror series “Terror Toons” and what to expect in the future. We also paid tribute to horror icon Herschell Gordon Lewis and shared a few ghost stories to boot.

If you love Horror, if you love Fun, if you love Horror filled Fun and Fun filled Horror click play and spend an hour (two if you go check out pt.2 in Musical Osmosis) with The Frightful Eight and listen with someone you love.

Haven’t checked out any of the Terror Toons movies by Joe Castro yet? You fools! You backward thinking insane close minded fools!!!! Redeem yourself and check out Terror Toons 1, 2, and 3 while life still courses through your empty little body. Here is a trailer of what you been missing. Happy Halloween. -Saucey