The Fall of Television with Paul Goebel

Special Fall Preview Podcast with the man who knows more about Television than Gene Shalit, Brandon Tartikoff, and the ghost of Gene Siskel put together- “The King Of TV” himself- Paul Goebel.

This episode we talk which shows should have gone that are coming back, which shows were canceled that should have stayed, and which new shows are worth checking out and which will be sure to get dumped into the dark abyss of TV obscurity.

So join Dee, Saucey and Paul for all the Television Tough Talk we can Remote Control into your Prime Time EarHoles!


Show Notes: This episode had a lot of laughs, and made me realize that I’ve been so focused on trying to make our site perfect that I forgot why I started doing this in the first place. This episode, along with last week’s Kettle Of Fish with RL Bell reminded me of why I podcast, to talk to interesting people and to truly enjoy what I do so you, the listener, will enjoy it as well.

On this special Fall Preview podcast, Paul, Dee and I talked about the return of Superstore, Once Upon A Time and American Horror Story. We also discussed in detail new programs: Son Of Zorn, Doubt, and American Gods. Paul also gave us a rundown of the 42 new programs coming to network TV this season. Whats worth watching and what you should not even bother checking out? Give a listen to hear the King Of TV thinks. And as an added bonus you may even hear a quick chat about bleach baths!

One of my favorite one-shot episodes so far. Give a listen and I think you’ll agree. -Saucey