Super Star Spangled Quick Draw Round Up Hour

Originally Aired 5/24/15

Welcome to Great Bend, Kansas, 1875. A lawless frontier town filled with desperate men and loose women. A place where the whores are harder than the whiskey and the whiskey is dryer than the whores. A town that was caught up in a whirlwind of chaos, crime, and disorder, until the day HE came to town. Sheriff John Henry Hoyle: Law Man, Harvard Man, Whore Loving Man.

My name is Ezrah Toliver Homestead, host of this newfangled machine called the Radio, and I will transmit to you through mysterious radio waves my interview with Great Bend’s Newest and somehow still living Sheriff, John Henry Holye and his Loyal Dim-Witted Deputy, Eli Brocias.

So join me, your host Ezrah Toliver Homestead, our co-host, Nurse Chlamydia Jane, and our sponsor, a man simply known as Badger, From Badger’s Erotic Bleach Baths; for a stirring hour of savage frontier tales told to you by Great Bends Whore Loving Lawmen, Sheriff John Henry Holye and Deputy Eli Brocias.

Show Notes:

So back in the days when The Ignorance Equation had no real format, we made this fun little improv episode with John Lehr and Nick Brown. This episode was a fun little improv of Me and Duane’s favorite original HULU show Quick Draw. I had never done anything even close to professional comedy or improv before, so getting to work with the absolute kings of improv John Lehr and Nick Brown was as intimidating as it was amazing. 

We set the plot to one of the first ever radio broadcasts which takes place in Great Bends Kansas, the backdrop for Quick Draw, and I worked up a character that would be a kind of first ever Alex Jones/Rush Limbaugh type right wing radio host. I think it turned out pretty good, and I hope one day Me, Duane and Dee can take these characters and put them on the actually TV or Movie screen. Fingers Crossed.

For those of you who have never watched Quick Draw, firstly- shame on you! But second- here is just a taste of one of my all time favorite comedy improv shows. By the way, someone graduated from Harvard!


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