Ep. 17: Hev Of CrossWordsNotWires On Mental Illness With Children And Parents And Body Positivity

When I found Hev on Instagram, there was something that spoke to me about her and I knew that I wanted her to be on the show! Hev is a mental health and body positive blogger and advocate who has been blogging for two years. She uses her own struggles and experiences to teach people about mental illness and accepting themselves in a world that demands they change. She has been featured by companies such as The Mighty and SimplyBe.”

In this episode we talk about:

(Trigger warnings, besides the things I list mentioned here, we also mention self-harm/cutting.)

  • Mental illness — specifically dealing with it as a child/adolescent
  • The concept of nature vs. nurture — especially when your parents (relatives) have mental illness
  • How parents can react to their children having mental illness
  • Ignorance that perpetuates stigma, and how some of that is apparently regional! 
  • Stigma in the psychiatric industry from having a Borderline Personality Diagnoses and why that is
  • The difference between Axis I disorder vs. personality disorders in the sense that we can “pluck” out symptoms from most mental illnesses, but some creep into part of your persona and it becomes harder to find a beginning and end point
  • How mental health struggles have actually improved her self-image and what we think of ridiculous internet trolls!

Check out Hev’s Do You Dose Club, which is an Instagram account and shop, promoting the awareness of chronic illness and medication. She is also offering a 10% discount on her Do You Dose Club store with the coupon code “LOVE10” all throughout March! Enjoy! 🙂

You can also check out her blog and personal Instagram, and don’t forget to tell her I said hi!

Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!

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