Ep. 13: Michelle Rogers: Body Posipower

I’m so amazing to see when young women are embracing body positivity at a young age, and Michelle Rogers is one of those amazing women. She’s a joy to see on my Instagram feed, empowering herself and thousands of other people.¬†With nearly 16,000 Instagram followers, she is sharing her personal stories and struggles with mental health and body image, one post at time. Her story has traveled across the globe and has been featured in Revelist, The Today Show, Yahoo, FabUplus Magazine, and more. Michelle is a freelance writer, blogger, and body positivity activist. We had a really great talk on this episode of Uncustomary Love.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to deal with internet hate about your physical appearance
  • A possible solution for trolls
  • Personal struggles Michelle has dealt with in terms of her own body positivity
  • How to make the jump from using your social media account for personal reasons to a platform to advocate for social change
  • A project Michelle has in the works that she hasn’t mentioned anywhere else yet (you heard it here first!)

* Check out Michelle’s new YouTube Channel and subscribe for future awesome videos related to body positivity! She also has a blog for you read.

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Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!

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