Ep. 10: Shani Jay: The Babe Bible

Hey babes! For this next episode I’m here interviewing another self-love advocate from the UK, Shani Jay! She’s also a best-selling author, runs her own content creation business, and created The Glow Getter Tribe; a self-love & kindness movement which helps young girls & women worldwide feel happy, confident and beautiful starting from the inside, out.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How 7 out of 10 girls believe they aren’t “good enough” or don’t measure up in some way
  • How many adults who struggled with low self-esteem in their adolescence didn’t have the terminology or knowledge of self-love to even apply the basic vocabulary to their situation until recently
  • Why (romantic) relationships can actually be a healthy motivator and/or provide perspective into our own self-worth
  • The importance of self-belief and how it’s not a term that’s talked about as much in the self-love world like “self-esteem” or “self-worth”
  • The connection of kindness to an individual’s self-love journey and how it can influence our personal development and happiness
  • Self-care tips for entrepreneurs, specifically writers
  • Love letters for women, like the ones written in Shani’s new book, The Babe Bible



* Check out Shani’s second published book, The Babe Bible (plus her debut book, Bloom: A Gift For The Girl Learning To Love Her Beautiful Soul), her site, and her Glow Getter Tribe community!

* PLUS, she has a freebie for all you Uncustomary Love listeners: a free seven-day self-love challenge called the “7 Day Self-Love Sanctuary”, and you can get it for free by signing up here. Don’t forget to follow Shani on Facebook and Instagram and tell her I said hi!

Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!

PS – If you want to apply to be an interviewee on Uncustomary Love, please fill out this form.

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