Ep. 2: Non-Perfectionism With Sarah Steckler

Hey again! Thanks for tuning in for my second podcast! This time, I’m doing an interview with the fabulous Sarah Steckler. She’s a Self-Love Coach & Journal Expert who helps women ditch perfectionism, squash self-doubt, and journal their way to mindsets that serve them so they can live a life they love defined on their own terms! She believes in the power of stepping into your true self and making time for creative passions that light your soul on fire. Sarah believes perfectionism can put a hold on our goals and keep us from moving forward. Her approach to guidance and self-care involves strategies and considerations that anyone can do in only 15 minutes a day.

Sarach Steckler - Uncustomary Love Podcast

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Sarah got started with self-love and created a business around it
  • What it’s like to move so many times and maintain self-care and positive mental health
  • Things that can be learned about yourself as you coach other women
  • How financial planning is imperative to self-love
  • Practicing non-perfectionism

Sarach Steckler - Uncustomary Love Podcast 2

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