A Party Of One

[Rant From Episode 103 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

Well, we’re back. And in the few short months we’ve been gone it seems the world has gone absolutely batshit crazy. The UK left the EU- and then immediately Googled, “Uhhh, what’s the EU?” And then claimed they had no idea they were actually voting to leave the European Union, my guess is they thought they we’re taking a survey monkey poll about the upcoming season of Black Mirror!

Also during our hiatus, the cops have killed over 300 people, mostly unarmed citizens who posed absolutely no threat to our barney fife with a Rambo complex police force, so be careful out there America and remember- if you get shot by an overzealous cop he was probably just aiming for the autistic kid with the toy truck.

During our break it was also confirmed that Hilary Clinton is more sketchy than Jared catering the Teen Choice Awards, and her laptop is just as dirty. Am I the only one who is not as concerned with the fact that Hilary had a secret backup server, as the fact she was communicating delicate classified information through her AOL account? Wow! If Hillary gets elected President where does she plan on keeping the nuclear codes, in her fucking MySpace inbox? Now, I’m not saying Hillary is corrupt, no really am not saying that! We’re cool Hillary, no need to send out the midnight assassins, you’re an absolute delight!

Oh And speaking of things that keep me up at night…Donald Trump. What can I say about Trump that a 100 mental health experts haven’t said already, I would read through the litany of gaffes, scandals, angry tweets, outrageous statements and more incoherent ramblings than Charlie Sheehan on a 3 week bath salt bender that took place during our break, but it is only a 2 hour show.

When we left back in May I really thought Trump had a good chance of winning not just the nomination but the Presidency but since then his polls have fallen harder than a Olympic sprinter who had been ran over by a Segway and his Republican colleagues are jumping ship faster than you can tweet a crass insult to your neighbor’s wife.

Sure trump use to attack people and say batshit crazy things but at least he said them sprinkled within other shit his supports loved like banning all Muslims and deporting 12 million Mexicans, but it seems Trump can’t even stay focused enough anymore to cheer on his own ideas…when was the last time you heard trump talk about his great magnificent all powerful Trump wall…did his contractor quit? What happened? Wheres the lovable little hate monger that rolled down that escalator in Trump Tower 14 months ago? This new Trump doesn’t even seem to care if he wins anymore. And yet his supporters still follow him.

Trump has gone completely of the rails and doesn’t even talk about his own platform anymore, as vile and impossible as it was, that platform was the reason he beat out 16 other loonies to become king of the rat people and yet his supporters still follow him, he has changed positions and lied more often than Lindsay Lohan has relapsed and still his supporters follow him, he has no real policy positions, no real knowledge of how government actually works and all he does now is Tweet at anybody and everybody who says anything remotely negative about him, and still his supporters still follow him!

Look, I get you’re angry and you want to tear shit up, I really do I’m from the punk rock world so I get anti-government sentiment….but if you want Donald Trump to become President just to burn the system to the ground and remake it in his own image, your not part of a political movement you’re part of a cult!

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