Political Discourse 101

[Rant From Episode 101 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

Welcome to political discourse 101 kids…today on the show we will be talking about the primary process because up until a few months ago most Americans were about as interested in how primaries work as they are in hearing the federal tax code read to them by Wilford Brimley.

Like with most things in this country the uninformed masses are outraged at this new information that has been around for years that they were just to lazy to research for themselves and of course now have completely wrong…so whether it’s the new epidemic of gay child molesters dressed like lady gaga and using the little girls room in Toys R’ Us so they can fondle your children…or the outrage over the idea that a President like Ben Franklin and Alexandria Hamilton can be removed from our money ohhhh sweet sweet sarcasm squiggles…Americans are pissed that for the first time ever they have decided to vote in a primary and now they find out their vote really doesn’t count much at all in the primary process just like it has been since the history of always.

But should it count? Let’s dig deeper. First off political parties are private entities not government organizations, and they are not in any way constitutional bound to even have a primary to pick their party’s nominee, hell they could pick their nominee’s name out of a stove pipe hat or make anyone who wants to run on their ticket jello wrestle a drunk and lubed up Randy Quade for the nomination and it wouldn’t be an attack on your liberty…because it’s their party, so no matter how fucked up the rules…it is there rules to fuck up.

Now if the fact your vote not counting in the republican or democrat primary makes you angry and scream oppression, let me ask you this question- are you equally as pissed off that the Transhumanist party or the Prohibition party picks their own nominee without even having a primary? I mean you virtual had zero input when the united pirate party elected their nominee for President- Joseph Kline…arrrr doesn’t that just boil ye blood that these scallywags can pick their own nominee without you.

Also to consider is the broader question of not how they pick their nominee but why a Donald Trump or a Rand Paul is even allowed to run in a party they have so little in common with politically, and for that matter why was Ben Carson allowed to run at all when he has so little in common with the human race sanity wise, but that’s a question for another day and for panel of mantle health experts to decide, not the American voter.

But back to my point about the party nominees why is a 30 year independent like Bernie Sanders a man whose whole platform is built around fighting the corrupt corporate power structure in government even allowed to run along side of the very Democrats those same corrupt corporations own, did someone lose a bet like in trading places? Is America being punked by Gordon Gecko?

Or is it the fact that America has a horrible 2 party system and voters are doomed election after election to pick either asshole number 1 or asshole number 2…its like the Pepsi challenge but with old out of touch white guys, and until we the people demand more choices than Comcast or Charter…Fox news or MSNBC…Tyson Foods or Nestle…we will always be the victims of too little choices in a country with so many different types of people, preferences and taste.

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