1237 Or Bust!

[Rant From Episode 99 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

Facts Facts Facts- we don’t need no stinking facts. Fact just distract us from the ever changing issues that you may be outraged by today but then totally support tomorrow when your party tells you too…like cops, war and taxing the super rich.

Who cares that many Americans believe our unemployment rate is actually anywhere between 28 and 42 percent, even though the during the great depression unemployment topped out at 26 percent and if unemployment was actually 42 percent America would cease to exist…those facts are just a distraction so make up your own…like my dad who says the reason so many businesses say they are hiring now and put help wanted signs up and run ads online looking to hire, is not because they are doing well but because they are about to go out of business and they don’t want their employees or the general public to know it…tricky little bastards.

Who cares people scream Benghazi at the top of their lungs who don’t even know what country Benghazi is in and totally ignore the fact the the house intelligence committee, now there is a fucking oxymoron for you, made up of Republican leadership had 4 separate investigations and proved nothing, so while they scream Benghazi they also simultaneously screaming stop government spending but could give a shit less the house republicans just got a blank check and an unlimited amount of time to continue their investigation…so If Hilary becomes President the Republicans end up spend 8 years and 5 billion more dollars on this nonsense you’ll be totally OK with it…because that is totally different than feeding hungry kids…Benghazi Mother Fuckers!!!

Who cares that you are a 100 times more likely to be killed by a cop or a Christian extremist in this country than a Muslim, don’t you watch YouTube Muslims behead people…and what difference does it make the average American doesn’t know Shiite from Shinola or even care that Saudi Arabia is one of our biggest allies, has one of the biggest Islamic fundamentalist populations in the middle east…they keep Putin in check and keep all that sweet sweet Saudi oil flowing into our suvs…besides Benghazi!!!

And speaking of Putin who cares this Ex-KGB agent now turned shirtless bear wrestling commie dictator is thumbing his nose and the UN and gobbling up countries faster than Randy Quad gobble up Zoloft, we love his commie ass…in fact we love commies…except the Bernie Sanders kind…I mean taking over Ukraine and having secret death squads is one thing but when you start talking about free college you gotta fucking go!!! And who cares that my grandparents would be rolling over in their grave to see that 20 percent of Americans would rather have Putin as President than Obama, and 40 percent of Republicans say they would put Israels welfare before our own…after all they are patriots and what’s more patriotic than saying you love America by saying you hate every single thing about America except reality TV and cheddar cheese french fries.

And finally who cares about my facts…my facts are not your facts, my reality is not your reality and my cause is not your cause so how could we ever be anything but the most bitter of enemies. 

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