No Cure For The Common People

[Rant From Episode 98 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

It seems bizarre to me that my 73-year-old very conservative father now has more in common with Ted Nugent (A man he once considered a hippie scumbag) than Ronald Reagan (A man he once considered to be the epitome of conservatism).

When I was growing up in the 80’s my dad hated my friends, we all had long hair, listened to heavy metal, smoked pot and worked blue collar usually labor intensive jobs, but as I got older and my circle of friends widened my dad had nothing but good things to say about my more well manor friends who had short hair, dressed more professionally, had good jobs and made way more money than me.

Over the past few years a strange shift has happened in America culture, the people who use to be seen as the dregs of society, long hair, tattooed roofers who still listen to Ozzy and smoke up on the weekend, have suddenly become the angry disenfranchised patriots who are now embraced as the all American working class, and my professional white collar friends…well they are now seen as the politically correct liberal elite who want to destroy America with all their subversive socialist book learning.

It has been unsettling to watch my dad who loved calling me and my long haired metal head friends losers and dumb-asses as I was growing up, now stand side by side with the tattooed headbanging heavy drinking burnouts who scream Trump Trump, Trump, while blasting Motley Crue songs on their iPhones.

It seems the common people, as they were referred to back then have now become the working class heroes while the educated white collar class has somehow become the enemies of freedom. And a culture that was once shunned by very strict conservatives like my father is now held up as oppressed underdogs who want their country back.

I guess it’s true- politics makes strange bedfellows, but it also eventually makes hypocrites of us all.

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    • Adam
    • July 29, 2016

    Good article, and true observation. 🙂