Ninety Minute Political Thought Bubble

[Rant From Episode 97 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

It just occurred to me that I’m a dealer…An Information Dealer!

And in this era of overly simplistic memes and misleading hyperbolic sound bytes, I’m an even a hotter commodity than a drug dealer. Think about it:

I pour through mountains of data, boil it down to one entertaining episode of The Ignorance Equation or a 500 word easily digestible article and send it out to the desperate and hungry masses.

I give people a quick dangerous fix of news and the next hit is even more potent than the previous one. I deal in escapism- not From reality, but THROUGH reality!

But I’m not your typical pusher on the street selling dime bags of skunk weed to high school kids on Friday night…No! We here at The Ignorance Equation are fucking information kingpins…the Scarface of political dissent…the Pablo Escobar of civic debate, the Walter White of the information age

We are the Breaking Bad Blue Meth of Information. Our Purity Levels are through the roof. Our shit isn’t stomped all over, and it’s not cut with dangerous BS. Just Pure Uncut Colombian Discourse that you cannot quit or ignore.

So pick up your Fact-Pipes and come get some all American Political commentary from outside of the corrupted corporate owned media…suckers!

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