Super Tuesday, Crappy Wednesday!

[Rant From Episode 95 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

Well Super Tuesday has come and gone, and Wednesday was felling pretty crappy as Hilliary Clinton and Donald Trump each won 7 states a piece disseminating the other Presidential candidates and painting a grim picture for the Presidential race to come this November.

As it looks right now Hillary is all but guaranteed to be the Democratic nomination, that is if she can stay out of jail long enough to kiss enough babies and make enough appearances at the local chamber of congress, and Donald Trump will be Republican nominee unless of course the RNC drives him out of the party like corporate owned villagers with Exxon Mobile issued pitchforks and torches.

There is a small glimmer of hope however on the Republican ticket by the name of John Kasich, a man who we may never know the size of his penis, because he is just too damn classy to bring it up during a fucking live Presidential Debate, and on the left we have the true champion of the people Bernie Sanders, but because of the DNC corrupt super delegate system Bernie has a better chance of become a KKK Grand Wizard than the Democratic nominee for President.

There has been an ongoing battle of the left, and to some extent on the right, that if the race boils down to a Trump/Clinton ticket we MUST vote for one of these two unqualified corrupted sycophants or we are not doing our civic duty as fine upstanding misinformed idiot Americans.

OK so let’s just ferret out this idea that I have to vote for the lesser of two evils or I’m a bad citizen argument. Imagine you and your spouse are about to celebrate your 10th anniversary, fancy dinner reservations, non refundable tickets to a show, the whole night has been planned out for months, and your babysitter backs out last minute. Now you have only two choices, get the newly released sex offender from across the street to babysit your 4 and 5 year old bundles of joy, or your meth addicted cousin who is now semi homeless because he blew up his trailer trying to make blue meth for his dart team.

Do you say, well I guess we will have go with cousin Roy because he is the lesser of two evils after all, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that instead of straight up fucking our children he will only burn down the house around them. I don’t think so, in fact I think you say screw both of these choices and stay the home…so why can’t we do that on election day, or at the very least write in Vermin Supreme and hope for a free pony to go with our 21st century tyranny?

America has been brainwashed, we think that we have a civic duty to vote for one of the two corrupted parties even when those choices are worst then choosing between watching the secret history of the Faberge eggs on the learning channel hosted by Gilbert Godfrey, or binge watching the Mindy Project on HULU with limited commercial interruptions, and to do otherwise is either Un-American or throwing your vote away on the person you truly believe to be the best man or women for the job.

A few years back I started the clean slate campaign, a movement to vote every single current person out of office regardless of party, and I was told by many they would never vote for the other party no matter how bad their candidate is, now is this just blind loyalty or good old fashion indoctrination that keeps us all indentured to the power elite?…I guess that question will be answered this coming November when we either vote in a quasi fascist he loves himself way more than America or a women that is more corrupt and twisted than Martin Shkreli making illegal trades from inside Turkish bathhouse.

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