I Spy With My Little iPhone

[Rant From Episode 94 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

Today’s monologue is going to be short and sweet, mainly because it’s impossible for a guy like me to rant for more than 3 or 4 minutes straight without inevitably rattling off some key phrase that would set off the google alerts of a 1000 eavesdropping NSA agents. Hi, guys!

Since the inception of our country there has been a constant push and pull between national security and individual privacy, The government demands more and more intrusion into our everyday lives to keep us safe and we the people push back to ensure our inalienable rights as human beings to keep the fact we enjoy spreading our Fridays nights watching transsexual midget porn while wiping Cheetos dust on our genitals away from the prying eyes of big brother.

Now while we may all scream about the virtues of freedom of social media and carry on about how much we covet our privacy, the irony isn’t lost that if you click the about button on most people’s Facebook page it usually has their phone number, current town, place of birth, age, where they work, and a picture of their embarrassing 3rd nipple to boot. So private much? I think not!so while online conspiracy nut says the CIA is watching them play call of duty through the motion sensor on their x-box one they are also snap cheating a picture of their junk to some random girl they just meet in a married cheaters chat room.

The truth is we all say we value privacy above all else, that is until things get a little scary then all bets are off. Have a few years of stability and the masses scream…stay out of my business, but let ISSI makes a YouTube video of a beheading and those same people ask where can send my social security and credit card numbers to remain safe. 

America you’re a crazy son of a bitch and I love you for it. Not also do we have the freedom to expect a certain amount of privacy in our personal life, we also have the freedom to be completely irrational hypocrites when it comes to our privacy as well.

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