Spock Killed Scalia In The Conservatory With The Wrench

[Rant From Episode 93 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

So I think by now we how know how divided our country, congress and government is. Republicans and Democrats no longer see each other as political opponents to be bested but as bitter enemies to be destroyed and to never be negotiated with. The only problem is while rich politicians keep raking in millions to not do their job, we the people suffer the consequences.

Now I get that if your pro-life and think abortion is infanticide and I am pro-choice and think telling a women what to do with her own body is akin to fascism…that we’re going to disagree, but what we don’t get to do is go into destroy the opposition mode and wreak the whole damn country in the process.

Look at it this way. If you and your spouse have 2 kids, both boys who hate each others guts and everyday when you get home from work, there’s holes in the walls from them fighting, the tv is broken from being knocked down in a tussle, the dishes are smashed from them throwing them at each other, there are a lot of different ways you might handle that situation…all ending in the statement I don’t care whose fault it is this needs to stop.

However the one thing you would never do is take sides and defend your particular sin against your spouse while the whole fucking house burns to the ground…why? Because that would be an act of lunacy! So unfortunately while liberals and conservatives battle it out like 2 bitter newly divorced assholes fighting over shit that doesn’t even matter like who gets to keep the Bea Arthur collector plates…we are the wayward daughter who spends her time in the bathroom cutting herself and drinking drain cleaner!

Since this division started coincidentally back in 2008 when Obama took office, which has been only made worst by our partisan corporate owned media…we have seen almost every piece of meaningful legislation blocked and filibustered, our infrastructure crumbling, our worldwide credit rating drop for the first time in American history and have more judicial vacancies than ever before, now including one on the supreme court. All because our government has been hijacked by a party of extremist whose ideas are more disturbing than puppy monkey baby taking a bubble bath with Lindsey Graham and whose vision board looks like a fucking mad max movie.

So here we are, only minutes after the death of Antonian Scalia Republicans released a statement declaring that not only would they not confirm ANY chief justice nominee Obama put before them, they would stick their fingers in their ears and scream nanannana I can’t hear you when Obama submits his nomination. And on the other side of the political razor wired fence liberals came out with a barrage of hateful tweets celebrating the death of a man who whether you agree with his politics or not, did dedicated over 50 years of his life to serving we the people! Shameful!

Now I know all the hate, fear mongering and propaganda can be overwhelming at times, so it might help to think of the two parties like the left and right Twix. That is if left Twix was a politically correct elitist gluten free treat owned by wall street billionaires and the right twist was an insane crazy asshole GMO flavored snack own by corporate billionaires…with average Americans as the wrapper of a poisonous chocolate caramel political candy bar that none of us can seem to choke down.

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    Was looking for an rss feed but did not find one. Your rants are epic Saucey!