The Lesser Of Too Many Evils

[Rant From Episode 91 Of The Ignorance Equation- By Nick Katsouros]

Well it’s that time of the year again, primary season and this year’s list of presidential candidates is sadder than a Martin O’Mally congratulation cake. With Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus behind us, primary season is officially in full swing, and I am glad to see what a professional electoral system Iowa has for determining who will ultimately run for the highest office in the land.

Who says the people of the Hawkeye state are a bunch of backwards corn shucking dirt farmers…after all they decide their elections through the cutting edge process of paper ballot results for delegates, people lining up on either side of the room to indicate who they voted for…and flipping a freaking coin to decide districts to close to call, so I guess we are using the logic of the batman villain Two-face now…who said the only law that matters is the law of averages…to decide primary results…good to know maybe the next President can have Judge Dread nominate our next Supreme Court Justice and Doctor Octopus reform healthcare.

Now it is no secret that I am a sanders supporter, a Berner, a Bern bro, I’m feeling the Bern, I have a bad case of Marxist fever, and for me Bernie is the only true outsider running for office, because he is the only candidate running who truly wants to get money out of politics, repeal citizens united and stop our legislation from being written by the legal team at Pfizer.

Unlike all the other candidate who our bankrolled by corrupt corporate fat cats whose agenda is to own the government and turn our country into America incorporate a division of Glaglumafuck industries, except for Donald Trump who doesn’t need any of corporate Americas dirty blood money because he already is a corrupt fat cat whose agenda is to own the government and turn our country into America Incorporate a division of Glaglumafuck Industries.

And on a side note can I just I love love love the argument that Trump cannot be corrupted by corporate dollars because he is already a billionaire…that’s like saying the fat guy at the buffet won’t go back for seconds because he’s already obese! Anywho…

In closing in a primary season that has already seen contested election results, brutal to ridiculous campaign ads, vicious mudslinging, and more macho posturing than Kanye West at the Grammys, it’s almost impossible to say at this point who will square off this November for the office of the Presidency…but I will say this, the 2016 years election cycle is the best season of who wants to be commander in chief I have ever seen!

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