Political Animals Of Pride

Special “Political Animals Of Pride” Episode What does the future hold for Trump’s America? Can America survive the turbulence of a completely divided nation led by a man who seems to want chaos instead of unity? How much impact does Protest and the Resistance Movement truly have in combating the transformation of America into a complete Oligarchy?

This episode we chat with Musician and Activist- Buick Audra, Co-Founder of The Tennessee Progressive League- George Ward and Anti-Racism activist Dixon White about how we the average citizen can rise up against Racism and Fascism through Music and Activism. We’ll also talk with Tennessee locals Buick and George about some of the pressing issues here in Tennessee.

So join us this Sunday for all the Political Dissension we can Molotov Cocktail into your Rebellious Little EarHoles.

Show Notes:

The Good News: It felt great to be back hosting a political panel type forum again. The Bad News: My tenacious co-host Fern Hart was not present because of a family emergency up north. Today did make me realize just how much I miss talking with great activists, musicians and truth crusaders like today’s guests…

Musician and Activist: Buick Audra from the high energy, socially relevant punk band, Friendship Commanders, and owner of Trimming The Shield Records

Co-Founder of The Tennessee Progressive League: George Ward

And Anti-Racism Activist: Dixon White

This episode we touched on so many issues both local and national. Yet I feel like we barely scratched the surface. I will say this, I did walk out of this episode with a little bit of a different perspective on a few things, so I would call that growth and a good day. During the conversation, we talked about the awful “Natural Marriage Defense Act” bill proposed by Mae Beavers and Mark Pody making its rounds in our State Senate he in Tennessee, along with the ridiculous Parenthood Act, and their now failed Bathroom Bill. 

We also chatted about the ongoing fight to legalize Marijuana here in Tennessee, and Dixon joined us the 2nd half of the show to talk about race and whitewashing in movies and television.

All in all a great and educational episode I’m proud of. And it also makes me feel damn lucky to know such outspoken courageous people. Hope you get at least as much out of this 80 minutes that I did. -Saucey