There's More Than Meets The Ears!

Welcome to Musical Osmosis- Where Intelligent Dissonant Thought Meets Melodic Euphonious Reality. Every other Wednesday Saucey and Odell mix it up with some of the bands that have influenced them as artists, inspired them as fans and moved a generation through their music.

Steve Moriarty From The Gits

This week we talk to Steve Moriarty from the Seattle Punk Band, "The Gits". We spoke on the band's rise among the Seattle Music scene during the Grunge Era and about¬†their fascinating history. We also talked about the tragic murder of their lead singer, Mia Zapata, and their 10-year journey…

Russ Dwarf From Killer Dwarfs

This week we talk with Russ Dwarf from Killer Dwarfs about their new album start@one, their upcoming tour, and their dedicated fanbase! We also talk about the band's success in America compared to their home country of Canada and about the hazards of being a Killer Dwarf. So jump on…

Mickey DeSadist From Forgotten Rebels

Talk about old school. This week we talk with Punk Legend Mickey DeSadist from The Forgotten Rebels. We talked about the state of Canadian Punk, decadent stories of rock and roll and the groundbreaking film "The Kids Are Alright' Loads of history, lots of funny stories, and the unique perspective…

Joey Bondage From Narcoleptic Youth

First Official Episode of Musical Osmosis. This week we talk with Joey bondage of Narcoleptic Youth. Hear some of our favorite band stories and about the state of punk rock today. We also mix it up about the band's coming album and if the album was greatly influenced by the…

Saucey Talks Even Steven

Nick "The Saucey One" Katsouros brings former band mates Paco, Bobby, and Odell together to talk about Even Steven, tell stories from the road, and finally answer examine the band's demise. Finally, the secrets can be told why this unknown band no one cares about stopped playing music no one…