The Valiant Valkyries Of Sapphic Musk

It’s our last episode before we launch our new Musical Osmosis site. And what better way to go out than with a Beautifully Brutal Battle Cry! This week we chat with those Lovely Lady Vikings hailing from the deep dark corners of Lezstonia- Sapphic Musk.  We’ll chat with Sarah, Mia, and Christina about the band’s victorious history and how they manage to musically slay audiences night after night. 

So join Saucey, Dee and Sapphic Musk for all the Valiant Viking Luv we cand Verbally Catapult into your Krampus Fearing Little EarHoles.


Well, that’s it, kids. We say good-bye to Tin Can, as we are shutting down Tin Can Media to focus strictly on music. So please check out our new website at MusicalOsmosis.Com on August 21st for our big 2 hour live launch episode with guests – Doug Carrion from Fieldday (formerly of Descendents, Dag Nasty), Erica Mulkey aka Unwoman, Phil Rind from Sacred Reich, Susie McMullan from Brume and a special bonus episode with the original Vlogger- Weird Paul Petroskey

It has been a privilege to entertain you over the years with our many podcasts. Now join Saucey, Dee, and Odell in our next journey. Love The Tin Can Crew

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