Theresa Jeane From The Nearly Deads

May Mayhem Continues as this episode we chat with the dynamic Theresa Jeane from the Nashville band- The Nearly Deads. We’ll chat with Theresa about her dedicated fan base affectionately called Zombies, her classical music and theater training and where the band is headed next after nine years of keeping their noses to the grindstone. 

So join Saucey, Odell and Theresa for all the Musically Brave Podcasting we can Verbally Changeover into your Evil Little EarHoles.


Had an excellent time talking with the driven and dynamic Theresa Jeane of The Nearly Deads this episode. On the episode we chatted with Theresa about The Nearly Deads Nashville origins, how the band gets their voice out there in such a competitive environment and what comes next for the band who has had so much success early on. And make sure you check out Theresa’s new Patreon account HERE

What do U think?

  1. Well, what I really think about their music is that it is wonderfully great … all the music they make is good … I really love it … and even if it’s from Mexico … I love their music. ..I’m on all the social networks … and I would like to know more about you …

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      Right on glad you dug the episode. Theresa is pure magic. I predict big big things coming from the Nearly Deads in the near future. -Saucey