Scott Hill From Fu Manchu

May Mayhem continues with the king of Stoner Rock- the gun-slinging high-intensity Scott Hill from Fu Manchu. We’ll chat with Scott about his 30-year career with Fu Manchu and how he stays focused and creative in the digital age.

So join Saucey, Odell, and Scott for all the Anxiety Reducing Podcasting we can Musically Laserblast into your Hexed Little EarHoles.


Had a blast finishing up May Mayhem with the king of fuzzy guitar rock- Scott Hill from Fu Manchu. This episode we chatted with Scott about the band’s longevity, their plans for their 30 year anniversary¬†and how Scott went from is punk roots to that sweet sweet Fu Manchu fuzz we all know and love today! So kick back, press play and enjoy. We’ll be back in a few weeks with brand new episodes and some more big announcements.

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