Fred Schneider Returns!

May Mayhem: This week the Far-Out and Fabulous Queen of Pool Side Glitter Trash- Hayley Cain from Hayley and the Crushers joins us as we once again chat with the man in the Golden Go-Go Boots the wonderful- Fred Schneider! On the episode, we’ll chat with Fred about the B-52s, The Superiors and find out what this Gentlemen of Interstellar Groove has been up to since our chat with him last year. 

So join Saucey, Odell Hayley and Fred for all the Musical Lava we can Verbally Funplex into your Cosmic Little EarHoles.


So this was a last minute episode thrown together a couple of hours before air time for anyone who is wondering why the format is so all over the place. Our scheduled guest had to postpone until next week so I sent a text out to Fred Schneider and he was nice enough to join us last minute. I was also lucky enough to get one of the grooviest gals I know- Hayley Cain from Hayley and the Crushers to join us as well. So all in all the stars aligned perfectly to make this episode happen. 

Due to sound and format issues, this episode was a little choppy after edit…but yeah any episode with Fred is magic, am I right?

What do U think?