Bonnie Bloomgarden From Death Valley Girls

May Mayhem kicks off with a mystically groovy bang as we chat with the ethereal haunting cosmic force of nature known as Bonnie Bloomgarden from the California Doom Boogie band- Death Valley Girls. This episode we verbally transcend and transmute with Bonnie about the new Death Valley Girl album- Darkness Rains, her long strange journey through rock and roll and a bit about mummies…that’s right damn it, I said mummies!

So join Saucey, Odell and Bonnie for all the Musical Street Justice we can Death Valley Boogie into your Mummified Little Earholes.


Snow Pissing Manifestos, Multi-Pocketed Time Travelers, Creepy Los Angeles Mummies, Iggy Pop life Lessons- These are just a few of the far out, mind-altering conversations we crammed into this week’s mystical hour of Musical Osmosis. Rarely do I feel immediately at ease the first ten seconds of talking to a new guest, but Bonnie Bloomgarden from Death Valley Girls made it oh so easy. This episode was so funny- I’m still smiling, a pretty big feat for a cynical asshole like me. So kick back and get ready for the fun as we talk life, death and Darkness Rains with Bonnie Bloomgarden. -Listen With Someone You Love!

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    Rad episode! Really enjoy this style of music!

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      Right on glad you dug it. Had such a blast recording this with Bonnie. -Saucey