Women Who Rock

It’s our special “Women Who Rock” episode- One special co-host: Hannah Rose Dexter and six kick-ass women who defy and expand the limits of their music genres through pure creative will of power. This episode we chat with the outspoken and visually stunning Alexa Joan Rae from PLEXXAGLASS, The multi-talented vocal sledgehammer- Beck Black, The eloquent classically trained contortionist with a heart of gold- Katy Mikelle, The beautifully bazaar lead of The Department of Descriptive Services- Bebe McPhereson, fierce fashion designer and graphic artist Carin A Hazmat and the soulful guitarist and vocalist Emily Frembgen. 

Six extraordinary artists tell their stories of music, mayhem, adversity and triumph this week on Musical Osmosis


For at least six months I’ve been following several indie artists that have moved and inspired me creatively over this past half year but just didn’t have the time to take on such a project as a three-hour show to showcase them all until now. I’m so glad we were able to put this episode together before the summer break, these six artists have so importantly contributed to my creative focus I knew I had to put a special episode together honoring what they do oh so well.

Our first guest is the soulful mind and voice behind the powerfully vivid PLEXXAGLASS the intense and conceptual- Alexa Joan Rae

Our next guest is a performer who has music encoded on her DNA and tenacity embroidered on her bones, the haunting Beck Black. (Check out more at Beck Black music)

Coming up third is a metaphorical graceful rainbow exploding from the dark abyss- the stunning contortionist, actor, and musician Katy Mikelle.

She’s not a musician however music would be far less interesting without her, the fierce force behind Hazmat Design, Carin A Hazmat.

Up 5th from the 5th dimension of the bureaucratic region of sector 12 Word Hunter at Mind Power Recitements and Supreme Leader of The Department of Descriptive Services the Wonderfully Whimsical- Bebe McPhereson

And rounding out our incredible six guest line up is a guitarist and vocalist she really knows how to move you- the emotionally dynamic Emily Frembgen.

So there you have it, six incredibly insightful and innovated artist I think we are going to be hearing a lot from in the future as the blaze a bright and brilliant trail for the next generation of artist. 

What do U think?

    • Elyse Walters
    • April 29, 2019

    Yippy!!! I got things to work.
    I laughed at the technology chatter …
    And the woman who just got rid of her flip phone. A woman after my own heart.

    My husband and I were treated listening to all of you. Wonderful radio show…
    Love your purpose.
    Loved hearing about the children’s book, too. Sounds like a gem!!

    And… we enjoyed listening to our daughter, Katy Mikelle, very much,
    with pride and love.

    • Reply

      Oh wow thanks. So glad you enjoyed it. My main focus was to showcase these amazingly talented artist and to make them feel at easy on air so they could share their stories and perspective. My motto is- The show is only as good as our guest and only as successful as our fans allow us to be- Katy along with the other 5 artist brought the real magic I’m just some guy with a mic capturing it all. -Saucey