Inger Lorre From The Nymphs

This week another punk legend joins our show- the mysterious and flamboyant Inger Lorre From The Nymphs. Who is Inger Lorre and why is she so damn intriguing? Find out when we chat with Inger about life, love, addiction and passion and explore Inger’s musical and creative history going all the way back to the early 90s with the effulgent punk/goth band- The Nymphs. 

So join Saucey, Odell and Inger for all the Supersonic Podcasting we can Musically Revolt into your Damned Little EarHoles.


Inger Lorre was a complete delight! Had such a blast chatting with Inger about everything from art to politics to the history of the legendary Nymphs

I really thought this conversation had a great flow which isn’t surprising when you are chatting with someone as enchanting as Inger. So check out the episode for tons of great stories about The Nymphs, Inger’s early years in music, her conflicts with Geffen AR guy- Tom Zutaut, her feud with Courtney Love and some of the more seedy tales of her long and strange career. 

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